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Cooked in 90 Seconds Pizza Opening in Los Angeles , CA

Our mouths are watering! The manager of Pizza Da Solo, Laurent Masliah, will be opening a similar style cafe in Los Angeles after the chagim called Cooked in 90 Seconds, located next door to MexiKosher on Pico Boulevard. Cooked in 90 Seconds will serve 10″ inch thin crust pizza with fresh homemade mozzarella, cooked in a wood-burning oven […]

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2 End of Summer Trips: Los Angeles & Philly [Restaurant Report]

In the last week I took two trips, one locally by car to Pennsylvania, and later flew to LA for work. On both trips I made sure to taste as much as possible from the local kosher restaurants, and may have gained some weight in the process. Here’s my kosher restaurant report based on my meals, […]

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NEW Mexican Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA: Taco Flame

Just in time (or slightly late) for Cinco de Mayo, we learn about the opening of Taco Flame in Los Angeles, California! Taco Flame, located on West Pico Boulevard, is a classic Mexican restaurant, with a menu seemingly similar to the East Coast’s Carlos & Gabby’s, but should not be confused with the wildly popular Mexikosher […]

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“The Difference”: Kosher Meat Restaurant Opening in Los Angeles, CA

UPDATE 7.8.14: The Difference is open! Their hours are Monday-Thursday from 12 pm- 10 pm with a 3 hour break between lunch and dinner (closed from 2:30pm -5:30pm) and closed on Fridays. They are open Saturday nights from 8pm-10pm and Sundays from 12pm-10pm minus 2 hours in the middle (closed from 3 pm – 5 […]

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Holy Kosher BBQ: New Kosher Food Truck in Los Angeles, CA

…And it didn’t take too long, but LA finally came next! Jumping on the hottest new Kosher trend, Los Angeles now has a kosher food truck as well! Holy Kosher BBQ  (not to be confused with Hakadosh BBQ of east-coast fame) claims to be for “hot dog and sausage lovers.” While their website is not fully […]

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Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktails Opens in Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by his childhood Brooklyn neighborhood and named after the street he grew up on, Top Chef’s Alex Resnick recently opened a new kosher restaurant, Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktails. Although it’s named after his Brooklyn street, Ditmas Kitchenis located on W. Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, and it sports a mixture of 2 identities: Casual & Refined. […]

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“Holy Cow” Kosher Creamery Now Open in Los Angeles

Holy Cow! Did we hear ice cream? Yup, that’s right. Holy Cow Kosher Creamery, a new ice cream store in the heart of kosher Los Angeles, is, according to their Facebook page, a “unique twist on a kosher ice cream shop, blending the best ice cream and sweets together with your beloved comfort foods!” Unfortunately […]

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Shilo’s Steak House in Los Angeles, CA [Guest Review]

I went with a group of friends to Shilo’s in LA on Xmas day. The place was packed. I think the (edited) email I sent the restaurant afterwards, below, tells the rest of the story. My wife and I just came back from the West Coast and thought we’d try something new when we met […]

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Kosher Restaurants on Seamless.com + $5 Off Your First Order

There are 100+ Kosher restaurants in the U.S. where you can use Seamless.com to order your kosher lunch, dinner, or any other meal to your office or home. New users can sign up and receive $5 off their first order.  Here's the current list of Kosher Restaurants on Seamless.com by city: (note: hashgachas will vary […]

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Keeping Kosher in Los Angeles, CA

Contributed by Daniel Peikes (@DanPeikes)  |  Last Date of Travel: April 2012 LA has huge Jewish community with everything you could possibly need.  Below is just a quick guide of some things to do on vacation in LA and where to eat. Kosher Info: Here are some of my picks for must-hit restaurants while in […]

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Kosher Restaurants @ New York & Los Angeles Restaurant Weeks 2012

This week starts the 20th annual NYC Restaurant Week, sponsored by American Express (offering cash back when using your AMEX card and signing up), which is actually more like 3 weeks (20 days) in NYC, and 12 days in LA. Many people having been tweeting us (via @YeahThatsKosher) and asking us on Facebook, which of […]

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Restaurant Opening: Abbas on La Brea (Los Angeles)

On April 22, 2012 a new restaurant opened in Los Angeles called Abba's on La Brea, a meat restaurant, certified glatt by the RCC. The new restaurant is owned by Simon & Kelly Benarroch, who operated a restaurant/catering operation for many years, and were looking to open a new location with greater capacity.  The restaurant has yet to garner […]

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Café Du Monde Chain in New Orleans, Now Has Hashgacha

The New Orleans famous Cafe Du Monde chain, is now under strict orthodox rabbinical supervision for its fried beignets (its main food item). Beignets are a local delicacy and were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians (17th century French colonists). These were fried fritters, sometimes filled with fruit. Today, the beignet is a square piece […]

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Coming Soon to LA: Berry & Basil

Kosher foodies who love Italian should expect an overdose of it at Berry & Basil, combining Italian Gelato and Pizza under one roof (hopefully not on the same plate!). Berry & Basil will feature 3 machines (serving 6 flavors) that will carry “Berri Good” (Cholov Yisroel) Gelato and frozen yogurt, which will be self serve […]

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Vegan “Raw” Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, Goes Kosher

Planet Raw, located 3 blocks from the famous Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, is now kosher certified by (K♥R) – “Kosher Vegan Raw” which provides kashrut certifications to vegan and raw products and restaurants. (K♥R) is run by Rabbi Uziel Moses out of Los Angeles. As a “vegan” restaurant, Planet Raw uses no dairy or […]

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The Remaining Kosher Subway Restaurants in the U.S.

Not long ago I compiled a list of Kosher Subway Restaurants across the U.S., which in its heyday numbered 12 across the country, 5 alone in the NYC metro area. Today, all 5 of the NYC area Kosher Subways are closed and only a total of 5 remain open nationally. I was recently interviewed by […]

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Dr. Sandwich (@ Super Sal) in Encino, CA [Guest Review]

[This is posted on behalf of a friend from Southern California] Dr. Sandwich is a little restaurant that lives right outside of Super Sal; you buy your food inside the market and eat it on the covered area on the side walk. I go to Super Sal very often, but for some reason I was […]

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Los Angeles Kosher Deal @ “Got Kosher?”

Click on the DEAL to purchase it. Got Kosher? — 53% off! Spend $7, Get $15 worth of Food Deal ends Monday Night 8914 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90035

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