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Chef Todd Aron’s New Kosher Venture in Israel’s Golan Heights: Hapisga

Hapisga, a new kosher grill restaurant, has recently opened its doors in Bnei Yehudah, Golan Heights, introducing a unique dining experience led by the acclaimed Chef Todd Aron. Known for his culinary creativity at Crave in Jerusalem and Bodega in Tel Aviv, Chef Aron has now brought his expertise to his own establishment in the scenic north of Israel.

The restaurant’s concept revolves around the art of cooking with an open flame grill, utilizing local fruitwood to infuse dishes with distinctive flavors. Hapisga’s menu boasts a wide array of grilled meats, including Arais (seasoned ground beef grilled within a pita), homemade merguez sausages, chef’s kebabs, steaks, and more. Although the menu has been kept concise for the moment, plans are in place to expand the offerings, promising even more delicious creations to come.

Chef Todd Aron’s culinary journey is marked by decades of experience, beginning in the United States and continuing in Israel. Aron is celebrated for his expertise in kosher cuisine and for pioneering new concepts that have revolutionized the kosher culinary world. His career has garnered an impressive list of accolades, including an invitation to prepare a Passover dinner at the White House, a testament to his standing as one of the most innovative chefs in the field.

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After relocating to Israel with his family, Aron opened the successful restaurant Crave in Jerusalem, where he continued to push the boundaries of kosher dining. His passion for “playing with fire” has taken him from San Francisco’s Zuni Cafe and New York’s Savoy, to igniting coals in De Delfina in Artimino, Italy, and grilling at Tierra Sur in Oxnard, California, culminating in smoking lamb bacon at Bodega in Tel Aviv.

Hapisga is conveniently located in the Bnei Yehudah Mall, Golan Heights, and is certified kosher by the Rabbanut Ramat Hagolan.

The restaurant welcomes guests from Sunday to Thursday, 12pm to 6pm, offering a chance to explore Chef Aron’s innovative dishes.

Details via: @theisraelifoodie