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Mexico News

New Fleishig Restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico: Ray’s Cabo

Ray’s, a new fleishig restaurant, has opened its doors on the ground floor of the Cabo Jewish Center, located just one block from the Marina at Camino de la Plaza 135, Colonia Centro, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 23450. This establishment, which has taken over from the former Baja Kosher, offers a variety of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks catering to the kosher community in Los Cabos.

Appetizers at Ray’s include guacamole and chips, and mini meat tacos, providing a taste of local cuisine. Daily offerings such as the soup of the day and fish of the day keep the menu fresh and exciting. Salad options feature a chicken salad and taco salad, while main dishes range from burgers and schnitzel to shawarma and ribeye steak.

For younger guests, kids’ meal options are available, including chicken nuggets and salchi-tacos. Desserts and a variety of drinks round out the menu.

>>> Click here to view the menu of Ray’s Cabo

In addition to its restaurant services, Ray’s offers premium wedding and catered packages for large kosher events held at the Cabo Jewish Center. A dairy catering menu and Shabbat catering options are also available, accommodating a range of dietary needs and preferences.

Ray’s is open Sunday to Thursday from 1PM to 8:30PM, and Friday from 10AM to 3PM, and is closed for Shabbat.

The restaurant is certified under the local Chabad hashgacha.