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[NEW] Lisbon’s First Kosher Restaurant Opens: Genesis

Lisbon has welcomed its first Kosher restaurant (at least in recent memory), Genesis,

Genesis offers a variety of dishes catering to both meat eaters and vegetarians, without listing prices. The menu includes fresh salads, a selection of house salads with pita under “Sharing is Caring,” signature dishes like Genesis Hummus and Eggplants on a Fire, as well as international dishes such as salmon teriyaki.

Meat specialties include “Mama Shnizel” and Israeli Shawarma, alongside vegetarian options like Moroccan couscous. Desserts and beverages, such as halva and Arak Lemonade, round out the dining experience.

>>> Click here to view the menu of Genesis

Genesis operates with specific hours throughout the week:

  • Sunday to Thursday – 12:00pm-10:30pm
  • Fridays – 10:00-3:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed

For reservations and inquiries, Genesis can be contacted at +351-961-491-327 or via email at

Genesis is located at Campo Pequeno 41, 1000-080 Lisboa. The restaurant has received Kosher certification from Lisbon’s Rabbanim, Rabbi Suiza and Rabbi Rosenfeld, ensuring adherence to kosher dietary laws.