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We Asked “What’s Your Favorite Kosher Restaurant” Part 1

Two Jews, Three Opinions.

We know there’s no consensus on the best kosher restaurant on the planet, but we wanted to ask a mix of kosher foodies, kosher restauranteurs (not their own businesses), and other notable Jews with opinions what their favorite kosher restaurant in the world (that is currently open today), and why?

Here’s what the following 12 Jews had to say (ps – We asked many more people this question to get their take. Stay tuned for Part 2)

Levana Kirschenbaum, former owner and chef at Levana’s, New York

Wow that’s tricky!
Assuming you mean picking not a casual restaurant but an upscale restaurant considered a real outing.
If I had to pick one such restaurant, it would be Eucalyptus in Jerusalem, Israel.

I always, not just as a restaurant customer but as a longtime upscale restaurant owner, no matter what the occasion, look for restaurants that offer certifiable good value, where the correlation between food/service/prices is clear and unmistakable, as opposed to restaurants were the prices (rent, food and all other costs notwithstanding) seem to be predicated on a kind of luxury tax. As if the restaurant was now a club that adds a surcharge, a tax for the opportunity they afford us, the public, to see and be seen.

So, why Eucalyptus? Because it is refreshing to see a restaurant situated at the heart of one of the world’s most significant and high profile locations, making wonderful supremely authentic and seasonal food, served in a magical setting, charging the public sensible and commensurate prices.

Shelly Serber, Kosher Trader Joe’s, Long Island

Solomon’s Grill in Madrid, Spain.

Incredible menu, fantastic prices, wonderful service. Family owned.

Nathan Engel, The Rebbe’s Choice, Long Island

If I had to pick I’d say Barnea Bistro in New York City.

Just great convergence of quality food, unique menu items and excellent service!

Barnea Bistro’s beautiful interior

Eitan Bernath, Chef & Jewish Online Influencer, New York

Anixi in NYC, the most fascinating take on vegan food and the menu is full of such mind blowing dishes that make you forget what you’re eating is vegan!

Shlomo Assayag, The Kosher King, Toronto

Wall Street Grill in Lower Manhattan has the full package of customer service, nice variety of different and specialty dishes.

The ambience and the outside. seating is also next level.

Charlene & Jonathan Aminoff, Gali’s Couture Wigs, Long Island

Those who know us, know that we have our select favorites in America….

But since right now, Libeinu B’Mizrach, we are going with Halo Teiman in Eretz Yisrael! We ate there 6 out of the 10 days that we were there with the kids! Whole-family approved and the tastiest “gas station food” in the Jewish world!

Yehuda “Judd” Joffre, Judd’s Memphis, Brooklyn

Mike’s Bistro in NYC.

The consistency and quality over the years, alongside his beautiful new renovation, puts this kosher institution at the top of my list.

Zoli Honig, Short Form Media, Miami

I thought about this for a while but I keep coming back to Zak the Baker, in Wynwood, Miami – I think it’s the best Kosher establishment in the country.

The story is so unique, the product is so good, and it is constantly evolving. I don’t even really have to say much since they have been given countless restaurant awards that no other kosher restaurant has received.

the iconic Zak the Baker in Miami

Mordechai Lightstone, My Tech Tribe, Brooklyn

Mama Kitchen in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

There are many delicious restaurants in Brooklyn in general, and Crown Heights in particular, but the food at Mama Kitchen always rises to the top: Great portions of fresh, delicious food – striking the perfect balance between homestyle and eating out.

The Queens location for Mama Kitchen

Yaakov Langer, Living L’Chaim, Long Island

Halo Taimon in Jerusalem, Israel.

It has the best shawarma.
If you go to Israel you must got to two places:

1) The Kotel. For your soul. And 2) Halo Taimon. For your belly.

(Second mention for Halo Teiman on this list. It’s also mentioned in our Best Kosher at Israel’s Gas Stations list)

Nati Burnside, Kosher Restaurant Columnist, Bergen County NJ

David Chu’s China Bistro in Baltimore, MD.

Growing up in Silver Spring, we had our own Chinese place. But that didn’t stop us from hopping on the highway to drive 35-45 minutes each way to get Chu’s.

Open since 2001, Chu’s is the best kosher American style Chinese restaurant. Yes, it’s owned by Chinese people who really know what they’re doing. No, the receipts are no longer written in Chinese as of a couple years ago (much to my disappointment).

The wonton chips on your table when you sit down are made fresh in-house and are sometimes still warm. It’s little touches like that which separate Chu’s from the pack. I’ve had food both sit-down and takeout from there dozens of times and never witnessed a mistake by their staff.

If you’re going to Chu’s, order pretty much anything from the page labeled “Today’s Specials.” They haven’t changed in a couple decades, but these are the dishes that the restaurant invented and you can’t get them anywhere else.

So if you’re looking for a Chinese Casserole or a $23 giant bowl of soup, now you know where to go.

AK, Tea for Two & T Steakhouse, Brooklyn

I love Eighteen Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.

The service was phenomenal, the ambiance and the food was unbelievable. Love to go back.

We asked many more people this question to get their take. Stay tuned for more.

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