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  • Brian Mailman

    The Annual ATLANTA Kosher BBQ Competition & Festival presented by The Hebrew Order of David will be held October 18, 2015 at Brook Run Park, 4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338. The festival will be open to the public Sunday from 11;30am-3;30pm and will feature plenty of Live Music Hosted by the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival along with Food Eating Contests, Competition Meat Tastings (timed see website for more details), Service & Craft Vendors along with a Kosher Catering Tent. Both Meat and Parve Food for Purchase will be available. The entire event will be under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission, AKC. Any questions please email Brian@TheAtlantaKosherBBQ.Com– Website http://www.TheAtlantaKosherBBQ.Com or LIKE us on Facebook Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition & Festival

  • Ruven

    your map of Deal, NJ is out of date. Iburg has been closed for 3 years. In it place is the fabulous Diet Gourmet. JSOR supervised. Best healthy and best kosher at the Jersey Shore

  • mjs

    anything ever happen with milk and honey downtown?

    Wonderful Pesach in spain with Eden Prestige

  • Ruven

    you are forgetting the Jersey Shore, it is open and it is jumping. Best place in Deal area to eat is the Diet Gourmet. It’s been open since 1972,sold in 1996 and became a number of Kosher failures until 2013 when the original owners re-opened after hurricane Sandy. Once again it has become the Deal hot spot for Lunch and Dinner.

  • Rabbi Michael Whitman

    Please correct your post re Le Grill in Montreal. It is reliably supervised by R. Pinchus Wieder and knowledgeable, frum people are eating there every day. The change in supervision was not related to Kashrut. Please correct this immediately as the title implies a serious untruth. Thank you

    • Updated. Thank you for this info! We could not find that.

  • Alexandra Rose Jagiello

    Please Share With Friends, Family and Colleagues:

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    Our non-profit organization, Yachad Gifts sets the standard for quality, diversity and affordability for gifts both big and small. Our baskets are comprised of strictly kosher items, too. Most importantly, we work with an amazing mission in mind; We are dedicated to the employment of individuals with disabilities.

    Consider us when purchasing your Rosh Hashanah gift, corporate gift, holiday gift or condolence gift.The proceeds we make are reinvested into our company, to hire as many new individuals with disabilities as possible.

    Our organization employs individuals with a diverse array of skills which are applicable to every aspect of the business. From designing and purchasing, packaging, shipping, delivering, data entry, sales and customer service. This invaluable experience not only provides our members with a job, but builds up their skill sets, giving them the tools they need to gain competitive employment in a variety of different industries.

    Support Our Cause, and order your #GiftWithAMission.
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  • Lynda Novick

    My husband and I want to go out to dinner to celebrate a special occasion. Since Brooklyn has so many interesting sounding restaurants we are would like to find a restaurant there. The only restaurant we have eaten at in Brooklyn is Parades and we loved it. However, since our trips to Brooklyn are rare, we would like recommendations for restaurants that people absolutely love. We are looking for a restaurant that prepares unusual food, food that an excellent home cook generally would not prepare at home. Please give restaurant recommendations, favorite dishes served there and what is special about the food. Would love to know ambiance as well, if possible.

  • adina maik

    We want to take my mother out in New York (she lives in the five towns) for her 60th birthday on this upcoming Sunday. She just had a lap band replaced and can only eat liquid or soup. What restaurant would you recommend for soup?

  • Ester Kazinik

    LIKE SHARE COMMENT TO WIN GREAT PRIZES! #happythanksgiving #turkeyday #freestuff

  • fabrent

    Hello Dani:
    What about B&B’s? Anything kosher on that front in the U.S., either w/ hashgacha or w/out but the household is Shomer Shabbos?

  • Eric Sultan

    Dani, three places have opened up in Phoenix: Zabari Grill, Milk and Honey and Chick-in