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Kosher Certifications on YeahThatsKosher & YeahThatsKosherNearMe

Most articles on this website and in our YeahThatsKosherNearMe app list one or more kosher certifications (aka “kashrut”, “hechsher”, “teudah” etc) associated with a particular business, restaurant, or service.

Disclaimer: YeahThatsKosher is not run by a rabbi or halachic authority, but rather by members of the orthodox Jewish community. Our policy is to list all hechsherim run by orthodox rabbis. We understand that not all of these certifications or authorities are “accepted” or “approved” by your rav or kosher list, however, we do not intend on being the gatekeepers of halacha or kashrut, particularly when there’s no universal standard in kashrut today. Some kashrut supervisions are more machmir (strict) and some are maykil (lenient) that rely on kulos (leniencies).

Our intentions with YeahThatsKosher & YeahThatsKosherNearMe are to provide kosher consumers with all the information so that they can decide what is best for them, like in real life.

If you are unsure about a specific hechsher, please contact your local orthodox rabbi.