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New Sweet and Salty Kosher Crêpes in Tel Aviv: Gaston Crêpe & Galette

Gaston Crêpe & Galette has opened its doors on Dizengoff street 183 in Tel Aviv, featuring both sweet and savory kosher French crêpes. The establishment proudly carries Kosher certification by the Rabbanut Tel Aviv.

Gaston welcomes patrons from Sunday to Wednesday, 12:00 to midnight, on Thursday from 12:00 to the post-midnight hours of 2:00, on Friday from 9:30 until the beginning of Shabbat, and reopens after Shabbat from midnight until 1:00.

The menu at Gaston offers a rich selection of French culinary tradition with a range of crêpes and galettes. The savory options are diverse, featuring ingredients that promise to satisfy those seeking a hearty meal. For those with a sweet tooth, the sweet crêpes are crafted with equally thoughtful combinations, offering classic and innovative interpretations of this beloved dish.

>>> Click here to view the menu of Gaston Crêpe & Galette

Gaston Crêpe & Galette aims to provide a cozy spot for those looking to enjoy a slice of French cuisine right in the heart of Tel Aviv, any day of the week.