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Win an iPhone 5 + Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web in Israel for a Month!

Please note: This is a Sponsored post by Unlimited Israel. Unlimited Israel is a new service for israel travelers renting iPhone 5’s for $45/week (or $135/month) including unlimited talk, text, and web. As a one-time promotion, they are giving away an iPhone 5, including a free month of unlimited talk, text, and web service in […]

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Awesome for Travelers & Everyday: SLIM Backpack by Cocoon Innovations (Product Review)

A month ago I received the SLIM backpack from Cocoon Innovations to test and review. Until that point I had been using a Cocoon messenger bag which I had purchased back in 2010 that I really liked. The reason I bought the Cocoon messenger bag initially was because I liked the GridIt system that came […]

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Great Mobile & Travel Charging Solutions for the iPhone 5 and other Devices

5 options for travelers who need additional juice for their iPhone 5 (and/or other mobile devices)

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Best iPhone 5 Cases for Travel & Everyday

Over the past few months, I’ve been testing out different iPhone 5 cases, seeing which are the best for both everyday and travel purposes. I looked at a number of iPhone cases from a few different companies. I was specifically seeking cases that served a function, whether it be protection, sleekness, pockets, or otherwise.   […]

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Benefits of Starwood American Express Cards (Business & Personal) are not the Same

To my dismay, I learned last night, that the two Starwood American Express credit cards do not have the same benefits. Now, to be honest, they nearly have the same benefits, almost identical. However, the business card has something I covet that the personal card does not: Baggage Protection (or “Baggage Insurance”). Click to read: […]

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Rent or Buy? Complete Guide to Israel Cell Phones & SIM Cards for Travelers

Last year I wrote about your options for renting a cell phone in Israel and I’m realizing, as I prepare for my next trip to Israel this winter, that I’ve oversimplified a very complex issue. The more research I’m doing, the more complex I’m realizing the landscape of options actually is for travelers to Israel. […]

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Taking/Renting a Cell Phone and Similar Devices to Israel

Traveling to Israel is something people do for vacation, business, visiting friends and family, as a student, or to attend a simcha. One of the things that nowadays is impossible to live without while traveling to Israel is your cell phone (mobile for you Brits and Aussies here). This is especially true if you get […]

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Travel Product Review & Giveaway: The Toddy Smart Cloth

The Toddy Smart Cloth is a really great small product that helps you clean your touchscreen tech devices from smudges and bacteria. A great product companion on the go for your iPhone, Android, iPad, and more. Watch the video to see it in action Click here to enter the Toddy Smart Cloth Giveaway Learn more […]

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Travel Product Review: Western Digital Portable Hard Drive: My Passport Essential SE

A must for any technophile is having data storage with you on the go. When traveling overseas, using a cloud based storage solution can be difficult with limited and spotty web access overseas. Having said that, a product like Western Digital’s Portable Hard Drive: My Passport Essential SE can truly come in handy. With multiple […]

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Using a Prepaid Calling Card to Call Israel from the U.S.

Amid the varied edible offerings of bodegas everywhere, is a non-food product that I have come to use on occasion over the years. Prepaid phone cards… I recently needed to call Israel from my office and did not want to charge it to my company, so I scoured the internet for the best rates, read […]

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