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Benefits of Starwood American Express Cards (Business & Personal) are not the Same

To my dismay, I learned last night, that the two Starwood American Express credit cards do not have the same benefits. 20130113-093239.jpg Now, to be honest, they nearly have the same benefits, almost identical. However, the business card has something I covet that the personal card does not: Baggage Protection (or “Baggage Insurance”).

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Thankfully, I have both cards. But, I purchased my travel using the Personal card, meaning that the Luggage protection won’t qualify unless the insurance team at American Express decides to allow me to make a claim.

(During our travel to/from Israel, 2 of our checked items – a stroller and a nice suitcase – were damaged by the airline. This is something typically covered up to $500 by AMEX’s Baggage Insurance.)

Until I called AMEX last night, I had no idea that the protection/insurance was not available on the Personal card.

Wish me luck.

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