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5 Easy Ideas to Keep Your Kids Engaged at the Passover Seder

On seder night we dedicate everything to our kids. The whole purpose of telling the story of the exodus is so that the children will ask questions. However, seders can be boring affairs, especially for small children who don’t have a long attention spans to begin with. At our seder, we’ve begun to incorporate fun items and practices to keep our kids engaged.

Whether you are staying home or going away for the holidays, here are a few ideas to keep your seder a family friendly affair.

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  1. The perfect haggadah for your 4-6 year old, Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah, brings the practices and story of Passover to life with colorful child friendly text and drawings.
  2. 10 plagues masks bring the “eser makot” (ten plagues) to life by allowing each member of your seder to represent a different plague. These have been a huge hit at our seders the past few years.
  3. Squishy green frogs scattered across our seder table are always really exciting. My kids end up playing with them for ages, long after the seder is over.
  4. Passover Finger Puppets are another fun way to bring the Passover story and the plagues to life for younger kids. Use them to put on a Passover play during the seder.
  5. Kids love having toy versions of adult objects. The Kidcraft Passover Set features a toy seder plate, wine goblet, matzah, afikomen pouch, bottle of wine, and haggadah.

These are just some ideas to keep Pesach fun and interesting for the kids. We’d love to hear any fun and unique ideas you have in the comments below.

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