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Bring the Bottles Home: 3 Options for Winery & Distillery Travelers

Binyamina Winery in Israel

Going on vacation this summer, and want to bring that great wine you had back home? Whether you’re traveling to Israel, Italy, Napa Valley, or elsewhere with kosher wineries, OR to Scotland, Kentucky, or other locations with whisky distilleries, having a strategy to bring your kosher wines & other booze home is important. Seeing how roughly your checked luggage is usually handled, you’ve probably been quite hesitant to transport wine bottles. Thankfully, you can take a taste of vacation back home using a safe, TSA-approved, affordable solution. 

Pad your bottles

Padded, reusable, resealable wine bags make it easy to transport wine bottles of varying sizes and shapes without worry. These affordable bags have a double ziplock seal, and velcro seal to keep the wine protected from oxygen and stay securely in the bag.

The bag is padded with a bubble wrap-type material covered with a layer of thick plastic for two layers of protection. Although the bags are very protective if you want to be extra sure your bottles won’t roll around, or break in transit, wrap clothing around the bags such as jeans, thicker material pants, sweaters, or even light jackets. Place the bottle in the bag in between a few items of clothing, rolling items to form “bumpers” to further secure the bottles.

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Luggage that holds 12 bottles

If you want to take your travel wine storage to another level, luggage with built-in wine bottle storage can be used to pack both wine and some clothes or other travel essentials. Since the bottles are sealed with foil and a cork the likelihood of oxygen entering, and spoiling the wine is negligible.

The wine bottles fit tightly into their individual, padded compartment, and the luggage is hard-sided making it even more protective than fabric luggage. Depending on the size of the wine luggage you purchase, you can bring back up to 12 bottles, which is a case’s worth of wine. You can even get it personalized with your name, making it even more stylish and functional. 

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Tzora Kosher Winery in Israel

Ship your bottles home

If you buy bottles directly from a winery, distillery, or retailer, the price for shipping a small quantity of wine, or even a larger quantity, depending on where you want it shipped, can cause the price per bottle to increase to the point where buying direct from the winery, or retailer is no longer cost-effective. Shipping for just 6 bottles (half case) can start at $75, so paying $35 for a checked bag, or better yet, having a plane ticket that includes a checked bag, is usually less than the overall shipping cost. This keeps the cost per bottle as low as possible and provides the most economical option.

If you’d prefer not to travel with your wines at all, you can alternatively have wines shipped directly to your house via You can also use either of our promo codes for a discount off of your order: “YTK5″ for 5% off your order or “YTK15″ for $15 off.

So, get shopping and get packing. L’chaim and safe travels! 

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Charleigh Barricks

Charleigh Barricks is a Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 3 sommelier specializing in kosher wine, with a masters in digital marketing from Sy Syms School of Business/Yeshiva University. She is passionate about showing the Jewish community the wonders and variety of both kosher wine, and food. She enjoys giving wine suggestions, conducting tastings, and pouring at events big and small. Follow her on @charleigh_sips to see all things wine, food, lifestyle, and travel, and book her for your next tasting, or event.