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Using a Prepaid Calling Card to Call Israel from the U.S.

Amid the varied edible offerings of bodegas everywhere, is a non-food product that I have come to use on occasion over the years. Prepaid phone cards…

I recently needed to call Israel from my office and did not want to charge it to my company, so I scoured the internet for the best rates, read a lot of fine print, clarified questions with customer service.

I reviewed 6 popular calling cards used from the United States to call Israel. They are all virtual cards one buys online and the user does not need a physical card. You simply dial in from any phone:

  • Shalom972.com
  • Voice88.com
  • Net2Phone.com (IDT)
  • PennyTalk.com (IDT)
  • KirbyCard.com
  • CallingCard.com

How much time one spends on the phone is an important factor. Since my calls are typically short, I examined “minute rounding” offerings – cards that charge in increments of one minute. If you’re going to have longer conversations, you can buy minutes in bulk and get better rates. If you’re buying a phone card in a bodega, you’re probably getting ripped off. Even if you buy online, we found large pricing variances from vendor to vendor. Here’s a breakdown of our findings:


For my purposes, I found Shalom972.com to be the best option for their generally superior rates, innovative offerings, and quality service.

All the offerings above have PIN-less dialing and can auto-recharge its balance mid-call.

Review compiled by Moshe Billet from NYC.