UPDATED: 15 New Kosher Restaurants to Try in South Florida

Beautiful poke bowl from Raw Poke Bar

Many kosher vacationers will be heading down to South Florida over the coming weeks for Yeshiva Week / Winter Break and are seeking some new kosher options in the area. If you haven’t been to the area in nearly 2 years, like me, I’ve compiled a list of some of the new places to investigate and taste.

Here are some kosher restaurants that have opened in the past 12-18 months or so that we are eyeing to try in the coming days (in no particular order).

Click the name of the restaurant for more details including map, hours of operation, and hashgacha:

  1. Zak the Baker DeliWynwood, Miami – we will no doubt be on line to visit the now famous Zak the Baker cafe/bakery, but we are also excited to try the new fleishig restaurant that just opened up this month.
  2. Ditmas Kitchen & CocktailsBoca Raton – bringing his hit restaurant from LA, Chef Reznik now has a hip restaurant & bar on both coasts, and if it’s as good as its west coast counterpart, we’re all in for a treat.
  3. Raw Poke BarFt. Lauderdale – Poke is the next big thing in kosher cuisine, especially for those who love sushi. I love poke (Hawaiian dish of raw fish and typically rice and veggies), and am excited to try this place out.
  4. MeaToastNorth-Beach, Miami Beach – this is a smaller shop with a unique twist: fleishig paninis, which is all the rage in Israel. OK, I’ll bite.
  5. shnitz-n-fritz-kosher-schnitzel-truck-wynwood-miami
    the Shnitz n’ Fritz food truck

    Shnitz N’ FritzWynwood, Miami – adding to the now growing kosher scene in Wynwood, this kosher food truck is attempting to bring artisanal schnitzel & fries to the street food scene down south.

  6. Hummus FactoryHollywood – The newer of the 2 new hummus joints in Hollywood. It’s hard to turn down hummus.
  7. Cold Pressed RawDowntown Miami – vegan, veggie based raw foods, puddings, toasts, and desserts.
  8. Acqua TrattoriaAventura – Already setting itself up as a premier dairy restaurant, we’ve been hearing good things.
  9. Hummus AsliHollywood – Not sure yet how Hummus Asli & Hummus Factory distinguish themselves from another, but I guess there’s only one way to find out. Try ’em both!
  10. City JuiceBrickell, Miami – healthy restaurant offering cold pressed juices, acai bowls, rice bowls and more near downtown Miami.
  11. Brickell Kosher DeliBrickell, Miami – glatt kosher deli served on Zak the Baker sourdough, also offering local delivery downtown.
  12. Blaze Tex Mex BBQ – North Miami Beach – burger joint offering lots of sandwich customizations, open late.
  13. FoozoNorth Miami Beach – offering beautiful artisanal pizzas, as well as pastas, salads, and more.
  14. KoshaBoca Raton – Thai / sushi restaurant in Boca
  15. Su ThaiBoca Raton – Thai / sushi restaurant in Boca
    • Which is better? Kosha or Su Thai? You be the judge.
Zak the Baker’s former bakery turned Deli

If you get to try any of these places in the coming weeks, please comment below with your detailed thoughts. Thanks!

It’s possible we may have missed a restaurant or two on this list. It was not intentional. 

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