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Two US Airlines Resume Flights to Israel Following October 7 Hiatus

In the wake of the October 7 attacks in Israel, major US airlines, including Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, are set to resume their flights to the country. These flights had been temporarily halted due to the escalating violence, which led to heightened security concerns. However, American Airlines and Air Canada have not yet resumed their flights to Israel and remain on pause.

El Al Never Stopped Flying

El Al, Israel’s national airline, was the only carrier to not miss a day of flying out of Israel, and continues to operate flights to the Holy Land. As a result of being the only carrier for the last half year, prices have been inordinately high. The hope is that with the continuation of flights on multiple airlines, prices will drop as demand spreads across airlines.

Resumption of Services

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are preparing to restart their services to Israel after assessing the security situation and coordinating with US and Israeli authorities. This resumption is a significant step towards normalizing travel between the US and Israel following the disruptions caused by the attacks.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines confirmed the resumption of its flights to Israel. The airline highlighted its robust safety protocols and coordination with both US and Israeli security agencies. Delta’s flights to Tel Aviv (TLV) are set to restart with enhanced safety measures to ensure the well-being of travelers. Specifically, Delta will resume its flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Tel Aviv (TLV) on June 7, 2024. Source 1
The return flights from Tel Aviv (TLV) to New York (JFK) will resume on June 8, 2024. Source 2-3

United Airlines

United Airlines, which had similarly paused its services, is now planning to resume flights to Israel. The airline has been working with governmental and security partners to assess risks and implement necessary safety measures. United emphasized its focus on providing reliable and secure travel options for its passengers. United’s flights from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to Tel Aviv (TLV) are scheduled to resume on June 15, 2024. Return flights from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Newark (EWR) will resume on June 16, 2024. Additionally, flights from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Tel Aviv (TLV) will resume on June 20, 2024, with return flights from Tel Aviv (TLV) to Washington (IAD) restarting on June 22, 2024. Source 4 Source 5

American Airlines and Air Canada

Unlike Delta and United, American Airlines and Air Canada have decided to continue their pause on flights to Israel. Both airlines are closely monitoring the situation and working with security experts to determine when it will be safe to resume operations. Passengers booked on these airlines are advised to stay updated on any changes to flight schedules. Source 6

Policy Adjustments and Flexibility

In response to the disruptions caused by the attacks, all airlines have made adjustments to their flight change policies to accommodate affected passengers. They have offered flexible rebooking options and waived change fees for travelers whose plans were impacted by the flight suspensions. These measures are aimed at providing relief and flexibility for passengers during this challenging period.

Next Steps and Future Flights

As flights resume, travelers are advised to stay informed about potential changes and updates from the airlines. The resumption of services marks a positive development for US-Israel travel, though ongoing vigilance and coordination with security agencies will remain crucial. Passengers planning to travel to Israel are encouraged to check with their airlines for the latest information on flight schedules and safety protocols.

The resumption of flights by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines signifies a step towards restoring normalcy in travel between the US and Israel, following the disruptions caused by the October 7 Hamas’s attacks. With enhanced safety measures and flexible policies, the airlines are working to ensure a secure and reliable travel experience for all passengers. Meanwhile, American Airlines and Air Canada continue to evaluate the situation, prioritizing passenger safety before resuming their services.

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