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Effy’s Grill on UWS Has Hashgacha Revoked by the OK

effys-grill-kosher-uws-nycThe OK posted to Twitter to announce that it has revoked their hashgacha (kosher certification) from Effy’s Grill on the UWS of Manhattan, which has only been open for about 6 weeks, and specified today that it was due to kashrut violations.

No word whether or not the restaurant will seek to stay kosher and seek another hashgacha or become not kosher / close.


Side note: I visited Effy’s in late December and I recognized some workers from the former Pitopia on Broadway that recently closed. Today, at least one of those same workers from Effy’s was working at Broadway Burger Co. (which replaced Pitopia).

From my visit to Effy’s Grill in December:

Freshly prepared #schnitzel in a toasted pita at the new Effy’s Grill on the #UWS #NYC. Schnitzel was delicious and crispy and they threw in some hummus and babaganoush which gave it a nice smoky flavor. Check this place out if you like Israeli style food. ———————————————————————— Your comments keep me going ?. Shoot me a note or tag your friends if you like what I’m dishing up ??——————————————————————— #kosherrestaurant#kosherrestaurants #kosherfoodie #kosherfoodies#eeeeeats #everyday #instayum #instafood#instagood #food #foodie #foodies #f52grams#feedfeed #foodstagram #foodstyling #beforethebite #thekitchn#huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood #forkyeah #goodeats #eatingfortheinsta #kosher —————————————————————— Disclosure: The vast majority of my posts are not sponsored or compensated in any way. I pay for my meals. If I’m invited to try food for free, I will state as such. As always, my promise is to give you my honest opinion regardless of compensation & provide you with important kosher news. Your trust is valued. ?? —————————————————————— Subscribe to YTK emails ➡️ link in my bio ?? ——————————————————————

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  • I passed by what had been Effy’s Grill today — Shabbat, 1/14/17 — on the way back from shul. They were open. The Effy’s Grill sign had been removed, and the original sign of the store’s previous iteration, Effy’s Cafe & Bistro, was back up again. There was a kashut certification in the window, that of Rabbi Harry Cohen’s Orthodox Kosher Supervision. In this neighborhood, the OKS is not on the approved list of hashgachas circulated by Cong. Ohab Zedek and accepted by other Upper West Side synagogues.