New Dairy Cafe / Bakery Open in Tel Aviv: Lorentz and Mintz

Last updated: January 11, 2017

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lorentz-and-mintz-dairy-kosher-coffee-shop-bakery-tel-aviv-israelA new kosher cafe\bakery has opened up in Neve Tzedek: Lorentz and Mintz. The owner, Lily Mintz, originally owned a non-kosher restaurant in Beit Lechem Haglilit in the Galilee, but decided to open up a kosher restaurant with all of the flair and flavors she brings with her from the Galilee.

What you will find on the menu is not your typical dairy fair. For example, take the Fishermans Croissant, which is a fresh handmade croissant filled with smoked tuna fish, pickled lemons, sour cream, fried potatoes, kalamata olives and a soft boiled egg. The real highlight of the menu is the desserts. Whether it’s the fresh made cheesecake with a lemon meringue and whipped cream topping or the tartlet filled with pastry cream and homemade strawberry jam. This place is a must try if you find yourself in Tel Aviv.

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