CDC Warning: Travel to Miami Discouraged Due to Zika Concerns

Map of affected area: Wynwood, Miami, FL

The CDC has confirmed local cases of the Zika virus in Miami and has urged pregnant women (or those seeking to become pregnant in the next 2 years) to avoid parts of the city with the disease-carrying virus. This area was originally limited to the neighborhood north of Downtown Miami, Wynwood, where one of the country’s best kosher bakeries and café’s is based: Zak the Baker.

Florida health officials said a one-square-mile neighborhood north of downtown — around Wynwood — remains the only area in the state with active, ongoing Zika transmission by mosquitoes. But the new local infection indicates that mosquitoes are spreading the disease beyond this isolated district.” Source: Miami Herald

Here is who should avoid the area as well as tips from the CDC:

Pregnant women and their partners

  • Pregnant women should not travel to this area.
  • Pregnant women and their partners living in or traveling to this area should follow steps to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Women and men who live in or traveled to this area and who have a pregnant sex partner should use condoms or other barriers to prevent infection every time they have sex or not have sex during the pregnancy.
  • All pregnant women in the United States should be assessed for possible Zika virus exposure during each prenatal care visit.
  • Pregnant women who live in or frequently travel to this area should be tested in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women with possible Zika exposure and signs or symptoms of Zika should be tested for Zika.
  • Pregnant women who traveled to or had unprotected sex with a partner that traveled to or lives in this area should talk to their healthcare provider and should be tested for Zika.

Couples thinking about getting pregnant

  • Women with Zika should wait at least 8 weeks and men with Zika should wait at least 6 months after symptoms began to try to get pregnant.
  • Women and men who live in or frequently travel to this area should talk to their healthcare provider.
  • Women and men who traveled to this area should wait at least 8 weeks before trying to get pregnant.


JetBlue Refund

JetBlue is offering a refund to customers affected. Customers traveling to/from destinations reported by the CDC to be affected by the Zika virus may qualify for a refund or the option to make changes to their current travel plans to alternate destinations or travel dates. Original travel must have been booked on or before August 1, 2016. If you are traveling on a Getaways package, a full refund is not always available and hotel penalties may apply. Contact JetBlue by phone to request a change or refund.


Watch out Zika, Palo Santo has just been dispatched.

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