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High End Kosher Restaurants Near Lakewood, NJ [Crowdsourced]

etc-steakhouse-kosher-lakewood-njRecently, a friend and avid YeahThatsKosher reader (who has chosen to stay anonymous) asked me for recommendations for a high end restaurant in Lakewood, NJ. Even though I live in the NYC area, I am never in Lakewood, and have only been to nearby Deal once recently, just to check it out.

What’s amazing though is the power of our YeahThatsKosher network and community. Via posts on Facebook & Twitter (see below) we received a few suggestions for nice, high-end restaurants in this central coastal NJ town.

  1. Etc Squared (same as Etc Steakhouse in Teaneck — formerly “The Reserve Sushi & Steakhouse”) – Kashrus Council of Lakewood NJ (KCL) / Glatt Kosher
  2. 656 Ocean (in nearby Long Branch, part of the greater Deal area) – JSOR / Glatt Kosher
  3. Ottimo Cafe (just up the road from Lakewood in Howell) – Kashrus Council of Lakewood NJ (KCL) / Cholov Yisroel
  4. Estréia – KCL – Kosher Council of Lakewood / Glatt Kosher

What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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