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[GUIDE] Israel’s Kosher Resorts & Luxury Hotels

Kosher Resorts & Luxury Hotels in Northern Israel

Galei Kinneret, Tiverya

This historic resort opened in 1946 and was the number one resort for anyone who was anyone in Israel, including David Ben Gurion and Zalman Shazar.

The hotel reopened in 2021 under new management and a massive refurbishment and is now a luxury resort for individuals 16 and over.
Guests can enjoy spa services and the hotel’s private beach, as well as the “Lotte” restaurant which is run by Michelin Star chef Asaf Granit.

Rabbanut Tiverya

Galilion Hotel

Galilion, Hula Valley

The new Galilion resort has opened up in a very unique location, right in the heart of the Hula valley. Every year, millions of birds travel through the valley and park right on the lake next to the hotel in the nature reserve. You can go to the nature reserve and do some bird watching while enjoying a beautiful day in nature. 

The hotel offers 2 different restaurants, a pool bar, and a special wine-tasting room to enjoy all of the local wineries in the area.

Kosher Rabbanut Hagalil Ha’elyon

The Setai

The Setai Sea of Galilee, Kinneret

The Setai hotel opened in 2018 and has established itself as one the premier luxury resorts in Israel. The rooms in the hotel range from a standard room to a private villa with a private pool. 

The hotel is designed with beautiful open spaces and a view of the lakebed of the Kinneret. The spa is one of the largest in the country and will have you wondering whether you are on a beach in Israel or in Thailand. 

In addition to the regular dining room, there is a lounge bar that serves dairy delicacies and wine from 11 am- 11pm.

Kosher Rabbanut Moetza Region of Kinneret

Carmel Forest Resort & Spa

Carmel Forest Spa & Resort, Carmel Forest Haifa region

The Carmel Forest Spa & Resort is one of Israel’s oldest luxury resorts, serving as the blueprint for the Isrotel Exclusive Collection from Isrotel Hotel group.

The resort is located in the heart of the Carmel forest and is a great place to disconnect from the busy hassle of life and reconnect to nature.

The spa is probably the best in Israel and includes wellness coaches and instructors to help you relax and enjoy an exclusive and peaceful stay in the North of Israel.

The restaurant at the resort is not your typical hotel buffet. Instead, a waiter provides a list of the daily chef-prepared dishes. The menu changes daily allowing you to enjoy an exclusive chef-designed culinary adventure.

Rabbanut Chof HaCarmel

Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel, Rosh Pina

The Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel is named such because of its beautiful view of the Kinneret and the entire upper Galilee.

The hotel is in the heart of nature, surrounded by orchards and fields that grow the produce that is consumed at the hotel. The allure of the hotel is its spa treatments and the cuisine offered by renowned Israeli chef Erez Komravsky, who has brought the “farm to table” movement to the state of Israel and is one of the best bread makers as well.

The hotel dairy restaurants are the only kosher restaurants in the hotel, the meat restaurant is not kosher because it is open 7 days a week.

Kosher Rabbanut Tzfat Dairy

Elma Hotel, Zichron Yaakov

The Elma Hotel is also called the Elma Hotel Arts Complex Luxury Hotel since the hotel is full of beautifully designed artistic spaces. Each space in the hotel is designed by a different artist, and there are also galleries, live music shows from renowned Israeli musicians from classical music to rock and roll, stand up comedy and much more. You can be walking down the hall, and spotting famous musicians and artists! The hotel also offers an exquisite spa.

Elma is not far from the historic neighborhood of Zichron Yaakov, where the Karmel Mizrahi winery is. The hotel offers private winery tours with a wine tasting as a part of your stay.

The Ortorio Restaurant is the name of the hotel restaurant and it changes its menu regularly based on which produce is in season. The dinner meat menu offers numerous tapas and shared appetizers; the mains are beautifully plated pieces of art to complement the tapas appetizers. You can also eat on the balcony that looks over the beautiful Mediterranean sea. 

Kosher Rabbanut Zichron Yaakov

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