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Kosher Restaurants You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Take Your Clients & Colleagues to in NYC

    Barnea Bistro’s beautiful interior

It’s funny. Kosher restaurants have this reputation of being embarrassing to us Jews when we bring our non-Jewish clients or colleagues in for a meal.


Is it that we fear that the food will pale in comparison to what they’re used to?

Is the service, or lack there of, at such a huge disparity between kosher and non-kosher eateries?

Boru Boru is funky for a kosher restaurant

As someone who doesn’t dine at non-kosher restaurants, I can’t say for sure, but the reputation that kosher restaurants are inferior definitely exists, and for many years it has been justified.

In recent years, however, a slew of kosher restaurants have cropped up that are not just acceptable, (many of these places have gone above and beyond) but kosher and non-kosher diners alike are able to enjoy them, sit comfortably, receive good to great service, and want to come back for more.

Here’s a list of restaurants we’d recommend bringing your non-Jewish colleagues to for a business meal in NYC:

[Pro-Tip: this list can double for great kosher date restaurants, be it for an anniversary or your first date.]


Reserve Cut’s wine-lined walls


  • Barnea Bistro
  • Reserve Cut
  • Boru Boru
  • Mike’s Bistro
  • UN Plaza Grill
  • Noga
  • Lox
  • Abigael’s
  • Le Marais
  • La Brochette
  • Wolf & Lamb
  • Mr. Broadway
  • Abaita
  • Colbeh


  • The Loft
  • Urbana
  • Glatt A La Carte
  • Alenbi
  • Wolf & Lamb
  • T Fusion Steakhouse


  • Marani
  • MeO Hibachi


  • Cork & Slice (Cedarhurst)
  • Doma (Cedarhurst)
  • Colbeh (Roslyn/Great Neck)
  • Prime Bistro (Lawrence)


  • etc (Teaneck)
  • Nobo (Teaneck)
  • Revolve (Lakewood)


One main caveat here. If your non-Jewish colleague or client loves to get their handy dirty and enjoy real southern BBQ, it’s hard to pass up bringing them to Izzy’s in Brooklyn. (I did this, and he thoroughly enjoyed) 


Agree or disagree with the list? Make your case in the comments below.


Meat & Fish on display at Doma in the 5 Towns


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