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Barclay Cafe, Kosher Steak & Sushi Bar, Now Open in Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ is a quaint town in Southern New Jersey right across the river from Philadelphia and even closer to Camden, NJ, a barclay sushipopular summer concert destination. Whether you live in Cherry Hill, Philly, or are just visiting, all will be excited to learn of Barclay Cafe, a new Kosher sushi bar that just opened this July 2013!

Primarily a sushi bar, Barclay Cafe also offers steaks, veal chops, and other decently priced entrees. Oftentimes they will post specials on their Facebook page  such as $19.95 for all you can eat sushi or half priced appetizers with the mention of their Facebook post.

Barclay Cafe is under the kashrus supervision of the OK.


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