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No. AirBnb HAS NOT Reversed its Decision on West Bank Listings Ban

Airbnb is for everyone… except some Jews?

Last month, Airbnb announced that it would be removing all Israeli Jewish listings in the West Bank. This prompted many to seek for alternatives to Airbnb in their discriminatory decision.

As of December 17th, there are conflicting reports as to whether Airbnb has walked back this decision (or not).

The only indication that the company was reversing its decision came from statements by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. There were no corroborating statements made by Airbnb (or any public statements at all) on the subject.

The original JPost article publicizing the initial ban reversal has been changed to a private statement by the company denying that it has reversed course.

All of the articles and organization lauding Airbnb’s ban reversal are pushing a fake news story.

If Airbnb does indeed reverse course on its ban of Israeli / Jewish listings in the West Bank (Judea & Samaria), we will share that information here.

JPost article recognizing the error in its original posting

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