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New Kosher Vegan Bakery & Cafe in North Miami Beach: Joseph’s Organic Bakery

Racks of freshly baked breadNorth Miami Beach has a new kosher bakery in town. The new place, Joseph’s Organic Bakery, specializes in stone ground breads and pastries, a healthier approach to grains that helps preserve its natural vitamins and nutrients.  Joseph’s Organic Bakery is completely sugar free, dairy free, soy free, and non-GMO.

The bakery offers gluten free pastries that are sweetened with maple syrup. All the bread is vegan.

Some of the breads that are offered include Sunflower, Spelt, Crunchy Cranberry Kamut, Onion Garlic, and Olive. There are also spelt and kamut bagels and challahs.

Joseph’s also offers stone ground cheeseless pizzas as well as an organic gluten free cheeseless pizza. Empanadas, salads, sandwiches, muffins, and cakes can also be ordered.


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The smoothies are also strictly organic and are made with ingredients such as bananas, cherries, blueberry, coffee, Belgian cocoa, coconut milk, and coconut cream.

Hours of operation are Sunday-Thursday from 11am-6pm and Friday from 10am-2pm. They have limited seating for dine-in guests.

Joseph’s Organic Bakery is certified kosher and Pas Yisrael by the KM (Kosher Miami Vaad).

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  • We stopped by last week to see if we could grab a vegan bite on our way to the beach..$2. for a hand-milled in the shop whole grain bagel? Not so bad..but $11. for same bagel with a shmear of tehini? No, we walked out…good luck, Joseph, but with these prices and a tiny little place to sit, sorry, I don’t think so.(by the way,the bagel was tiny, but it was tasty)

    • The food business is really tough. Lots of work and very low profit margin, especially in this model as he does by hand what others order en masse. The guy is trying to bring something unique and healthy. Give him a break.