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Florida Yeshiva Week

The Ultimate Miami & South Florida Kosher Restaurant Guide & Recommendations

As many families are preparing to head down to South Florida for Winter Vacation / Yeshiva Week, here’s a single post that you could save, share, and refer back to whilst on vacation.

Note: Nearly every restaurant listed here is under the kosher supervision of the MK (Miami Kosher) or ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board).

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Last Winter we hit 17 kosher restaurants in a week and we had a whole range of experiences. Do not leave Florida without stopping by these kosher eateries:


26 Sushi & Tapas is easily one of the best kosher restaurants in all of Florida.

  1. Zak the Baker – head there for brunch or lunch. Expect a long but moving line, and possibly hard to find seating. Also expect the best breads, sandwiches, and baked goods you’ve ever had. Located in the Wynwood neighborhood of (downtown) Miami.
  2. 26 Sushi & Tapas – this Peruvian / Asian fusion dairy restaurant is home to some of the most inspired, inventive, and tasty dishes you will have in Florida. Doesn’t hurt that their wait staff is helpful, friendly, and genuinely excited about their menu offerings. Reservations recommended. Located in Surfside.
  3. Soho Asian Grill & Bar – this popular Aventura restaurant came highly recommended and did not disappoint. The service was also top notch. Located in Aventura.
  4. Fuego – recently moved to a new location in Aventura this year, this restaurant is a must for meat-lovers.
  5. Serendipity Yogurt Shoppe – an ice cream shoppe that serves all kinds of goodies. Great for the whole family. Located in Surfside.
  6. Mozart Café – a great spot for those who love brunch, not matter the time of day. Great breads, eggs, and coffees. Located in Sunny Isles.
  7. Tasty Beach Café – despite the limited hours and slow service during busy season, their brunch menu is vast and tasty. Located in Miami Beach.
  8. Hassid + Hipster – this is a bonus – a non-restaurant pop-up dining experience on January 18th & 28th only at a Downtown Miami rooftop.

RECOMMENDED BY OTHERS: We didn’t get a chance to check out any of the restaurants north of Aventura, so here are some other recos:

  1. Levy’s Kosher of Hollywood – we hear good things about the “Zalmyburger” and their babka. @DansDeals claims it is “the most underrated restaurant in South Florida”.  Located in Hollywood.
  2. Asia – an upscale Chinese & Japanese cuisine restaurant. Located in Boca Raton.
  3. Butcher Block Grill – offering a wide menu of burgers, steaks, tapas, and more, BBG has been pleasing many since they opened last year. Located in Boca Raton.



We just compiled a list of all your kosher options for Friday night dinner & Shabbat lunch in the Miami Beach area as well as further north in Surfside / Bal Harbour.



Should you want to hit one of the newer restaurants in the region, here’s a list of places that opened in the past year you can check out. Click the restaurant’s name for more details:




While there are dozens more restaurants in the South Florida area (just see the map below) here is a curated list of some other notable mentions worth looking into:

South Beach:

  • Seventeen – dairy
  • Pita Loca – meat
  • The Frieze Ice Creame – dairy


Miami Beach:

  • Beyond by Shemtov’s – dairy
  • Rare Bistro – meat
  • Capri Sushi & Italian – dairy
  • Bagel Time Cafe – dairy
  • Grill House – meat
  • House of Dog – meat


Surfside / Bal Harbour:

  • Backyard BBQ & Grill – meat
  • Cine Citta Caffe – dairy
  • Kosh – meat
  • The Harbour Grill – meat


North Miami Beach / Aventura / Sunny Isles:

  • Mozart Grill – meat
  • Fresko – dairy
  • Foozo – dairy


Hollywood / Hallendale / Ft. Lauderdale:

  • Pita Plus – meat
  • Milky Cafe – dairy


Boca Raton:

  • Century Grill – meat



Special thanks to Zalman Cohen & Alden Mamann for editing this map. Kudos!

Advice: Conversation with Local Kosher Foodies in South Florida


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Dani Klein

Dani Klein founded YeahThatsKosher in 2008 as a global kosher restaurant & travel resource for the Jewish community.

He is passionate about traveling the world, good kosher food / restaurants, social media & the web, technology, hiking, strategy games, and spending time with his friends & family.


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  • This is the time of year every Floridian dreads. The New Yorkers come down and the wait for a restaurant is interminable. And then all we hear is how much better things are in NY. But if you do come to Florida you absolutely must make reservations or expect a 2 hour wait at some of these places. Fuego is bigger but runs out of some items early. Butcher Block in Boca is excellent but don’t even try to stop by without a reservation.

    • That’s true, but think about all the money being pumped into your communities, helping keep many of these kosher restaurants afloat.

      Reservations are a must and expect to wait even with reservations!

      • One week a year is not going to keep them afloat. Especially when many of the New Yorkers whip out their phones and make snarky posts to yelp when they don’t get things their way. Maybe the big storm will keep people in NY? Here’s to hoping…

        • Yeshiva Week is not the only week NYers are in Miami. En masse, NYers are in Miami end of January, end of February, before and after Pesach, and intermittently throughout the year.

  • Please don’t write that the Miami International Airport has no kosher food. This is a misprint. My experience after traveling a lot is If you go into any airport gift shop where you can buy snacks 9 times out of 10 you’ll find a heckshur on most of the snack foods. You have to be clear and write that maybe there isn’t any kosher “RESTAURANTS” in the airport area but, don’t tell people that there isn’t any kosher food when it’s not so.

    • You’re being overly technical. There are kosher snacks/junk food everywhere in this country. That’s not an insight. The fact that FLL has kosher prepared meals (re: not a restaurant) available is worth calling out.

      MIA does not have any such thing.

  • We were very impressed by Kosh. I would rate it as one of the best restaurants anywhere and one of a few places offering genuine 5-star fine dining kosher experiences in the world. You can tell someone has put and is putting a lot of thought into the presentation and taste of the food. The decor is similarly very unique and well thought out. I hope it lasts – I like that they are sticking to their guns and offering adult fare in an adult atmosphere with all the “family” options available elsewhere.

    26 Tapas was also outstanding for non-meat.

  • Your map shows Munchiez in Boca as kosher. Are you sure about this? Never heard of it and it does not look so kosher.

  • Danny why is Mexico bravo cantina bar and grill is not on your miami FL list? They also have food for Shabbos and a full liquor bar