Kosher Food at the Super Bowl in MetLife Stadium

Last updated: February 2, 2014

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kosher-superbowl-metlife-nyc-njFor those attending the first NYC area / cold-weather Super Bowl later today, know this: tail-gating is not allowed … but kosher food will be available inside the stadium.

Multiple kosher vendors operate inside MetLife stadium, but it’ll be mainly Strikly Kosher (VHQ supervision) who also services Yankee Stadium & newly at the Prudential Center, and Noah’s Ark (Star-K supervision), the restaurant in Teaneck, NJ.

At the big game Strikly Kosher stands will be serving hot dogs, knishes, pretzels, chicken nuggets, and drinks. Here’s where you can find the kosher grub at the big game:

  • Field Level: Sections 121 (east) & 144 (west)
  • 300 Level: Sections 308 & 334
  • Mezzanine Club Level: Chase club (east) & Lexus club (west) will be serving some of the aforementioned menu items as well as wings, wraps and others
  • Coaches’ Club will have Glatt Kosher food available provided by Sushi Metsuyan of Monsey (in conjunction with Strikly Kosher) which will be serving fancier menu items including Brisket & Cornbeef sandwiches

The location of food from Noah’s Ark at the stadium is not available at this time.



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  • Brian Weinberg

    Interesting. Because I’ve passed through the Chase and Lexus Clubs many times in 2010 and 2011 and saw “kosher” food being served with no corroborating evidence of said ‘kosherness’ and I was like “WTF are they trying to pull?” But I never inquired further. I guess maybe Strikly Kosher supplied that food, like you say they did for the Super Bowl. Thanks for shedding light on that long standing mystery.

  • So glad there were kosher food options at the game. I hope people who attended took advantage.