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“Holy Cow” Kosher Creamery Now Open in Los Angeles

Holy Cow! Did we hear ice cream? Yup, that’s right. Holy Cow Kosher Creamery, a new ice cream store in the heart of kosher Los Angeles, is, according to their Facebook page, a “unique twist holy cow storefronton a kosher ice cream shop, blending the best ice cream and sweets together with your beloved comfort foods!”

Unfortunately they don’t have a website so we can’t check out their menu, but they did get some rave reviews from a fan on Yelp who loved their ice cream sandwiches, and is looking forward to trying their grilled cheese and tuna melts, which leads us to believe that this shop is not just an ice cream shop.

holy cow ice creamLocated in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of L.A., Holy Cow Kosher Creamery is cholov yisroel  and under the hashgacha of the RCC.



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