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Ultimate Kosher Pesach Restaurant List 2024 – Open Chol Hamoed Passover

As Pesach approaches, the number one question we get asked is what restaurants will be open over Chol Hamoed. It makes a lot of sense. With so many days of yom tov that include many home-cooked meals and cooking for crowds, it makes sense that Chol Hamoed offers a much-needed rest from the kitchen.

Below is a global list of restaurants that will be open over Chol Hamoed which will be continuously updated as the holiday approaches. As always, if we missed any restaurants, please let us know.

The same rules apply to what I state every year, so I will repeat it:

Before diving into the list below, please note the following:

  1. We will be continuously updating this list through the first days of chol hamoed (obviously not on chag), so check back and refresh this page.
  2. If you use an ad-blocker, we ask you kindly to turn it off for our website. Just allowing ads to appear will allow us to earn revenue for our hard work compiling information for you.
  3. All restaurants are kitniyot-free (outside of Israel), unless stated otherwise. This may not be the case in places with a high concentration of Sephardic Jews like France, Deal, NJ, and Queens, NY, so double-check with each restaurant.
  4. It is highly advisable to call in advance to verify the hours of operation as well as make a reservation (if possible), as many of these restaurants will be in high demand, and some may only offer to-go or delivery options.
  5. The following list is not a recommendation of the restaurant or its kosher certification.
  6. Restaurants do not pay to be listed here. We will list any kosher restaurant that is open for Pesach Chol Hamoed in the world. Notice anything missing from this list? Email us at info [at] yeahthatskosher [dot] com
  7. For those traveling for the chag, here are halachic Yom Tov guidelines for hotel guests. Click to read more.
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    This list is compiled and published due to the research of the YeahThatsKosher team, MiamiFoodYenta, research from Debbest Food, Great Kosher Restaurants, eLuna, and the YeahThatsKosher global community. Thank you!


Restaurant NameCityKitniyot
Roladin(All kosher branches in Israel)Kitniyot
ButcheryBe’er Sheva
MunchillaBe’er Sheva
RubenBe’er Sheva
Humus EliyahooBe’er YaakovKitniyot
Humus EliyahooBeit HaShitaKitniyot
RubenBet Shemesh
HaportugeziBitan AharonKitniyot
BiscottiBnei Barak
HapisgaBnei Yehuda
Hatzel BanimCaesarea
Port CafeCaesareaKitniyot
Humus EliyahooDead SeaKitniyot
Nini KaiEilatKitniyot
ChumaGan HairKitniyot
Japan JapanGivat Shmuel
Humus EliyahooHaderaKitniyot
Bistro 56HerzliyaKitniyot
Humus EliyahooHolonKitniyot
Humus EliyahooHolonKitniyot
Black IronJerusalem
Greg Cafe (Mamila)Jerusalem
Humus EliyahooJerusalemKitniyot
Jacko’s StreetJerusalem
Joy Grill HouseJerusalem
Machne AsadaJerusalem
Roladin (all branches)JerusalemKitniyot
Rooftop RestaurantJerusalem
Super HamizrachJerusalemKitniyot
Waffle Factory CinemaJerusalemKitniyot
Waldorf Astoria HotelJerusalem
Caffe SariKarmei Yosef
Haroeh BaCafeKfar Haroeh
RubenKfar Saba
Shirat HaBasarKibbutz Kvutza KinneretKitniyot
Yotvata InnKibbutz YotvataKitniyot
RubenKiryat Ata
RubenKiryat Bialik
RubenKiryat Haim
Happy FishMamilla
Humus EliyahooMevaseret ZionKitniyot
AgrocafeMoshav SrigimKitniyot
Pinu KitchenNess ZionaKitniyot
Beef Bar Steak HouseNetanyaKitniyot
Casa BaroneNetanya
El GauchoNetanyaKitniyot
Jony FornoNetanya
Maree Sky LoungeNetanyaKitniyot
Eatalia ItalianPetach Tikva
KansaiPetach TikvaKitniyot
Nini ChooPetach TikvaKitniyot
RubenPetach Tikva
YashkaPetach TikvaKitniyot
Same SameRa’anana
Grill NightRamat Gan
Humus EliyahooRamat GanKitniyot
YashkaRamat HasharonKitniyot
Humus EliyahooRamleKitniyot
Umino SushiRishon Le ZionKitniyot
Humus EliyahooRishon Le ZionKitniyot
RubenRishon Le Zion
Humus EliyahooRosh HaayinKitniyot
Mizpe HayamimRosh PinaKitniyot
BP BistroRupin
Humus EliyahooShoreshKitniyot
AlohaTel AvivKitniyot
AsimiTel AvivKitniyot
Baladi ChicTel AvivKitniyot
DaryaTel Aviv
Ewa SafiTel AvivKitniyot
FlameTel Aviv
Frame UrbanTel AvivKitniyot
GoshenTel Aviv
Humus EliyahooTel AvivKitniyot
Hungarian BlintzesTel Aviv
La LasagnaTel AvivKitniyot
Lorenz & MintzTel Aviv
Nini HachiTel AvivKitniyot
NuchiTel AvivKitniyot
PetroziliaTel AvivKitniyot
Pompidou Bistro & BarTel Aviv
PoupeeTel AvivKitniyot
ReginaTel Aviv
RubenTel Aviv
Sereia LoungeTel Aviv
Shipudey HakeremTel AvivKitniyot
Sushi Bar BazelTel AvivKitniyot
UnoTel AvivKitniyot
YashkaTel AvivKitniyot
Itzhak & YehudaTel YitzhakKitniyot
RubenTiryat HaCarmel
Humus EliyahooTzemach JunctionKitniyot
Humus EliyahooYaffoKitniyot
Cafe LyonYavne
Boulangerie ZichronZichron YaakovKitniyot
Hameyasdim 16Zichron YaakovKitniyot
RubenZichron Yaakov
Tishbi WineryZichron YaakovKitniyot


The GrillPlaya Del CarmenMexico
Candies BazaarPanama CityPanamaDelivery & Takeout only
Club HebreoPanama CityPanamaDelivery & Takeout only
Deli KPanama CityPanama
Kosher ExpressPanama CityPanamaDelivery & Takeout only
La FinkaPanama CityPanama
Super KosherPanama CityPanamaDelivery & Takeout only


Slifka Center @ YaleNew HavenCT
Shalom HaifaAventuraFL
Yummy Frozen YogurtAventuraFL
Meat BarBay Harbor IslandsFL
OVO at the AltairBay Harbor IslandsFL
SchnitzelimHallandale BeachFLDelivery & Takeout only
Ten-li BurgerHallandale BeachFLDelivery & Takeout only
Acai Brazil KosherHollywoodFLTakeout only
The CaveHollywoodFL
Fancy PlantsHollywoodFL
41 MiamiMiami BeachFL
China BeachMiami BeachFL
Glatt MiamiMiami BeachFLAt the Mimosa
Pita LocaMiami BeachFL
SilanMiami BeachFL
Bourekas EtcNorth Miami BeachFL
Bubby’s Fish N’ ChipsNorth Miami BeachFL
Kokoa BakeryNorth Miami BeachFL
Sushi Noi PokeNorth Miami BeachFL
The GuestNorth Miami BeachFL
Trump InternationalSunny IslesFLReservations
Kosher CajunNew OrleansLA
Jeli’sDealNJKitniyot (DSN members)
Outpost SushiDealNJKitniyot (DSN members)
Chickies (American Dream Mall)E. RutherfordNJCourt A
ColbehGreat NeckNY
PaprikaGreat NeckNY
EighteenNew YorkNY
La BrochetteNew YorkNYOpen for Seders & Yom Tov
Le MaraisNew YorkNY
Talia’s SteakhouseNew YorkNY
Holy SchnitzelQueensNY
Rio Kosher Food TruckPhiladelphia PA@ Mikva Israel downtown

This list is being updated daily.

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He is passionate about traveling the world, good kosher food / restaurants, social media & the web, technology, hiking, strategy games, and spending time with his friends & family.