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Guide to Reserving Shabbat Meals in Florida: Miami Beach / Surfside / Sunny Isles

Spending a week or an extended weekend in the Miami Beach area is a pastime for many northerners fleeing the cold weather months and yet this question always arises: What are we doing for Friday night dinner this upcoming Shabbos?

Thankfully, due to Miami Beach’s vast amount of kosher options, you won’t go hungry.

Before going into the options, my main piece of advice is to make your reservations well in advance, especially during peak travel season like Yeshiva Week / Winter Break vacation, before and after Pesach, etc.

All of the dine in options here are prepaid and by reservation only, typically by phone. This list also includes places where you can pick up takeout or place pre-orders for Shabbos. Details below.

Here are your Kosher Friday Night & Shabbat Meal options in Miami Beach, Surfside, Sunny Isles, NMB/Aventura, Hollywood and Boca:


  1. 41 Miami– located inside of Tower 41.
    • Adults: $125/pp Friday night, $95/pp Shabbat day. Kids $70/pp.
    • Reserve on their website
  2. Kikar Tel Aviv – located inside in the Carriage Club building, Kikar Tel Aviv has been running Shabbat meals for over 20 years. This Chinese restaurant serves a typical Shabbat meal to its guests. (Click here for the Shabbat menu)
    • It is $65/pp per meal, $120/pp special for both Friday night and Shabbat lunch meals.
    • For reservations call (305) 866-3316
  3. Kastner’s Kosher Market – Takeout Counter
  4. KosherPrice – Takeout Counter
  5. Pita Loca – Takeout Counter


  1. Kosh Miami – located up in Surfside, near Bal Harbour, Kosh also offers pre-reserved Shabbat meals. (Click here for a sample Shabbat menu) For now, they will only be open during the busy Winter season, but with enough demand they would open at other points in the year.
    • It is $85/pp & $40/pp for kids + tax & tip for Friday night meals only.
    • For reservations call (305) 763-8601.
  2. Backyard BBQ & Brew – located down the block from Kosh, Backyard BBQ offers Friday night meals with reservations. It is a traditional Shabbat dinner, not their typical BBQ menu. Click here for the menu.
    • It is $85/pp & $45/child + tax & tip
    • For reservations visit their site or call (305) 763-8818. (There is a surcharge to reserve by phone)
  3. King David Cuisine – Moroccan and French dining located inside the Carlton Terrace Condominiums
    • Shabbat meals by reservation (561-674-6506)
  4. Meat Bar – Located on Bay Harbor Island (between Bal Harbor and Surfside)
    • $100/pp
    • Friday night only
    • Pre-order food also available
  5. New Time Kosher – A South Florida caterer serving Friday night dinners at the Magen David Congregation over Yeshiva Week
    • $75/pp & $50/child + service fee
    • Available January 22nd and January 29th, 2021
    • RSVP to (305)-588-8377
  6. Harbour Grill – Pre-order
  7. Grove – Takeout Counter
  8. So Heavenly Catering – Takeout Counter

North Miami Beach/Aventura

  1. Chef Aryeh – Pre-order
  2. Citrus Kosher – Takeout Counter
  3. Gourmet Heimish – Pre-Order
  4. Grill Time – Pre-Order
    • 786-274-8935
  5. Kosher Kingdom – Takeout Counter
  6. Lili Cakes Catering – Pre-Order
    • 786-277-1351 / 305-748-8676
  7. Mike’s Kosher Kitchen – Pre-Order
  8. My Food Body Mind – Pre-Order
  9. Sarah’s Tent – Takeout Counter
  10. Soho Kosher Deli – Takeout Counter
  11. South Florida Kosher Market – Take Out Counter
  12. Winn Dixie – Takeout Counter
    • 20417 Biscayne Blvd


  1. The Marco Polo Beach Resort – catered by C.U Catering. Expect a heimishe Hungarian Shabbat meal. (Click here for the Shabbat menu)
    • They are open for reservations only seasonally: starting Thanksgiving weekend until Pesach, as well as chag Sukkot (with a Sukkah on premises of course), and often after Tisha B’Av if there is enough demand.
    • It is $75/pp per meal, and they are open for both Friday night and Shabbat lunch meals.
    • For reservations call/whatsapp Rina (305) 542-1656.
  2. Trump International Beach Resort – meals are prepared by Chef Shimi Alon of Meat Bar and Grill House
    • The buffet style meals are $129/pp or $100/child aged 3-12 + tax and service.
    • Grape juice provided for kiddush and additional wine may be purchased in advance while making your reservation.
    • Open for reservations up to 72 hours in advance – call 844-521-7800.

Hollywood and Cooper City

  1. Aroma – Takeout Counter
  2. Grove – Takeout Counter
  3. KC Market – Takeout Counter
  4. Miller’s Boutique Bakery – Pre-Order
  5. Sylvia’s Kosher Market – Takeout Counter
    • 954-986-7949
  6. Nava’s Kosher Kitchen – Takeout
    • 954-588-3701
  7. Kosher Cuisine – Takeout
    • 954-589-1417
  8. Kosher Table Catering – Takeout
    • 954-907-7352

Boca Raton

  1. Aroma – Takeout Counter
  2. Ditmas – Pre-Order
  3. Grove – Takeout Counter
  4. Winn Dixie – Takeout Counter
    • 7024 Beracasa Way
  5. King David – Takeout
    • 561-282-7985
  6. Chef2Go – Takeout

Note: All of the dine in options are under the kosher supervision of the Vaad Hakashrus of Miami Dade (Kosher Miami).

For those of you needing to carry your keys or other items, click here to download the Miami Beach Eruv map.

Special thanks to @CookKosher, @IlanaFriedman & @miamifoodyenta for added info

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He is passionate about traveling the world, good kosher food / restaurants, social media & the web, technology, hiking, strategy games, and spending time with his friends & family.


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  • We had the great misfortune to eat at the Rare Bistro this past Shabbbat. Gory details already provided on the Trip Advisor page.

      • The price was very high, about $300 for a couple. But we assumed that for this price it will probably be wonderful. Not so. Before booking, we had inquired about vegetarian option, and they assured us they can supply a good vegetarian meal. On Friday night there was none in actuality. For the soup, chicken, the waiter offered to take the bowl back to the kitchen & have the chicken pieces removed…Finally he brought a very mediocre salad. For the main course, they simply doubled the amount of the 2 side dishes on my plate. And they were vile. The next day there was a vegetarian option: 4 huge slabs of boiled tofu. No sauce, no seasonsoning, just boiled tofu.
        My husband’s meat meals were not much better.
        The only wine included in the price was a sweet Concord. Horrid.
        Basically just cafeteria food, reminiscent of a nursing home.
        The manager half-heartedly offered to compensate us somehow but I would never go back under any circumstances.

  • Staying in Surfside..Anyone with experience on Kosh vs Backyard BBQ? Which is better/nicer?.