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  • We had the great misfortune to eat at the Rare Bistro this past Shabbbat. Gory details already provided on the Trip Advisor page.

      • The price was very high, about $300 for a couple. But we assumed that for this price it will probably be wonderful. Not so. Before booking, we had inquired about vegetarian option, and they assured us they can supply a good vegetarian meal. On Friday night there was none in actuality. For the soup, chicken, the waiter offered to take the bowl back to the kitchen & have the chicken pieces removed…Finally he brought a very mediocre salad. For the main course, they simply doubled the amount of the 2 side dishes on my plate. And they were vile. The next day there was a vegetarian option: 4 huge slabs of boiled tofu. No sauce, no seasonsoning, just boiled tofu.
        My husband’s meat meals were not much better.
        The only wine included in the price was a sweet Concord. Horrid.
        Basically just cafeteria food, reminiscent of a nursing home.
        The manager half-heartedly offered to compensate us somehow but I would never go back under any circumstances.

  • Staying in Surfside..Anyone with experience on Kosh vs Backyard BBQ? Which is better/nicer?.