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CONFUSING: “SushiPie” in the 5Towns is now “Bravo NYC Pizza & Sushi”

Located on Burnside Ave in Lawrence, what was formerly SushiPie is now under a new brand name: “Bravo NYC Pizza & Sushi”.

Important to note that this Bravo has no relation to the successful Kosher Bravo Pizza chain with branches in Midtown & Downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and in the Catskills. This new 5Towns “Bravo” will not taste like the Kosher Bravo Pizza you know.

Additionally, “Bravo NYC Pizza & Sushi” is under the exact same ownership as the recently retired “SushiPie” brand. The menu offering and nomenclature for the two brands’ items on their menus (links: Bravo menu and SushiPie menu) are nearly identical, with the new Bravo brand charging significantly higher prices for both pizza and sushi. (Example: Sushi Pie 18″ pizza pie was $12 for 1 and $21 for 2. Bravo NYC 18″ pizza pie is $18 for 1 and $30 for 2.)

It is unclear why SushiPie has disappeared and this new Bravo brand has replaced it, unless the SushiPie brand did not perform well. It’s a question for the ownership to answer.

Bravo NYC Pizza & Sushi is located at 295 Burnside Ave, Lawrence, NY and is under the kosher supervision of the Vaad of the Five Towns.

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