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[DONATE] Working with Chabad to Help Those in Need in Puerto Rico

As you may know, Puerto Rico was just hit by 2 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, leaving the island devastated, with nearly the entire island still without power. Most of the island has NO Water! NO Food! NO Communications! NO Electricity! However, I was able to reach Rabbi Zarchi, the Chabad Rabbi in San Juan.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico for Shavuot and spent nearly a week leveraging the Jewish and Kosher facilities set up by the local Chabad, where Rabbi Mendel and Rebbetzin Rachel Zarchi welcomed and fed all visitors over the hot holiday.

The relatively new Chabad structure is now serving as a center for evacuees who need fresh meals, temporary respite, and use of the building’s modern personal facilities. The Chabad House in Carolina (San Juan) did sustain damage, but thankfully it was built to withstand these massive storms and will endure. However, they need our help and donations as the island is without supplies.


To contribute directly to Chabad of Puerto Rico’s relief efforts, please visit ChabadPR.com/Relief. I can personally attest that they do great work at the San Juan Chabad, and that their current efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to their local community is needed.


Additionally, the Chabad is working with D2 Logistics, a shipper based in New Jersey, to send relief supplies to Puerto Rico. If you would like to donate goods to be shipped from the U.S., you will need to coordinate this arrangement directly with the shipper. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, we will assume possession and distribute the supplies. For those who are able to donate physical goods, and deliver it to D2 Logistics in Linden, NJ (not far from NYC), here is the following donation criteria:

Donation Criterion
All food product must be non-perishable and a minimum of 3 months from expiration.
All other goods including clothing, equipment, dry goods etc. must be NEW. Prior to shipping they must be itemized and approved by our office.
At this time we do NOT accept any donations of used clothing.
D2 Logistics: 908.353.3100
Contacts: Dennis, Mark or Chris

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