Full 8 Shekel Menu at This New Kosher ‘Chef’ Sandwich Chain in Israel: EIGHT

The gourmet sandwich chain led by the only Israeli Michelin star chef, Moshik Roth (מושיק רוט), has finally come to Yerushalayim. EIGHT or “8 רשת”, the chain serves everything on the menu for merely 8 shekels each.

The reason everything cost 8 shekels is that according to the owner, every time someone goes to the bigger chains or a regular burger joint, the portions arehuge and expensive. By making everything on the menu 8 shekels, you can order a couple of things to enjoy.

This concept was first started by Cofix with their 5 shekel cafe menu, and continued with the 10 shekel sandwich chain Goldot.

Diners can fill their sandwich with corned beef, hamburger, duck, rib eye, or make a double decker sandwich. Menu items include asado, entrecote, duck, chicken, schnitzel, hamburgers, merguez sausage, and vegetable omelet, freshly prepared and served with rolls with add-ons including mushrooms, fried egg, and roasted peppers. Additional menu items include salads, coleslaw, french fries, sweet potato, and mashed onion rings.

Click here for the full menu.

Eight’s current chain of restaurants include:

  • Afula
  • Bat Yam
  • Be’er Sheva
  • Hadera
  • Haifa
  • Holon
  • Jerusalem
  • Rishon LeZion

Coming soon branches:

  • Ashkelon
  • Bet Shemesh
  • Eilat
  • Herzilya
  • Holon
  • Jerusalem – Malcha
  • Kiryat Ata
  • Kiryat Motzkin
  • Netanya
  • Ramat Gan
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tiberias

Kosher Rabbanut Jerusalem and locally for each branch

About the author

Yehudah Jacobs

Yehudah Jacobs is a 30-year-old food fanatic who is in digital marketing. He is a classically trained chef, and a renowned carnivore. Yehudah made the switch from the kitchen to the digital world so he can find trendy places to write about and share his recipes. You can find him traveling around Israel, trying to find a good beer while sharing it with his friends on his Facebook group "Israeli Foodies" and Twitter: @yudajacobs.

  • Alan Ira Silver

    Waldorf Astoria – Jerusalem on their own saw that the NY orthodox crowd were not eating in their restaurants so they changed from Rabbanut Jerusalem Regular to Rabbanut Jerusalem MeHadrin. Since that time, they took notice that there were more business meetings and other events taking place in their hotel. In Tel Aviv – there is a bit of an uproar as more restaurants are opting for MeHadrin level kashrut & also closing on Shabbat so as to attract more clientele. I hope the corporation comes to realization that Israelis are becoming more Kashrut observant? Shabbat Shalom

    • Jonathan Cohen

      Although I totally see that, and myself eat only mehadrin meat, I fear that it will be impossible to keep this level of choice and quality at 8 shekels with mehadrin products.

      • Alan Ira Silver

        To produce Mehadrin products in and of themselves is the same process with the same ingredients. Shomer Shabbat people are utilized in all instances. Bet Yosef / Glatt excellent quality meat is being imported from Uruguay and Argentina at a very good price. The B’nai Torah are buying this meat directly, so it must be reasonably priced, this is without the involvement a distributor who then kicks up the price. So-called “kosher” meat is being imported from the US and I would keep my distance from it. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

        • johan

          the problem its they charge you way tooo much for supervision, and they dont supervise a lot, i am a chef, worked in different restaruantas

          • Alan Ira Silver

            I’ve been working in Kosher supervision for 49 years around the world – short time (ha!). We eliminate all this extra cost for supervision by having one person per shift who is a Shomer Shabbat. They get paid by the kashrut organization, not to twiddle their thumbs but to work as a cashier, busboy, sandwich maker, stock person they are part of the team. It is done in the US and can be done in Israel too

          • Bob

            Kosher standards – at least in the USA and Israel – are light-years ahead of where they were 49 years ago – meaning much more reliable, Thank G-d.

          • Alan Ira Silver

            You prove yourself the idiot I thought you were. The Chief Rabbinate of Israel is now being challenged in court. There’s a new Sheriff In Town – “Hashgacha Pratit’ –
            and they will be taking over the kashrut of many hotels in Jerusalem with a much higher standard of kashrut. The kashrut standards in the US is totally business & political. There is a “Boys Club” and if you are not a member, you are excluded from the party. All products with an American hechsher entering into Israel are challenged and scrutinized for their reliability. Stop being a fool and sit down and do some serious Torah learning in a Beit Midrash. You could never pass the Rabbanut’s mashgiach test.

          • Bob

            You’re the idiot, Mr. Silver. You run a totally bogus “Kosher supervision agency” to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting people who don’t know any better or don’t care. You’re the fool, and your total lack of Ahavat Yisrael and social graces disqualifies you from anything to do with being a rabbi or a Jew. This so-called Jew apparently doesn’t even have a Jewish name; some “rabbi.” Feh on him and his unreliable (according to EVERYBODY) agency.

      • Bob

        You made a good point, Jonathan. Apparently Mr. “Alan Ira Silver” is a phony-balogna “rabbi” who’s out to make a quick buck with unreliable kosher supervision. He’s a nasty old man who doesn’t have a Jewish name. He displays a total lack of Ahavat Yisrael and civility. He would do well to learn mussar before he opens his caustic mouth (or keyboard) again.

    • Bob

      I find it ironic that someone who uses the “Shield K” as his avatar initiated this discussion, as every rabbi I’ve asked has said that the “Shield-K” is not a reliable hashgacha; note that it’s NOT on the cRc list of myriad reliable kosher symbols: http://www.crcweb.org/agency_list.php or on http://www.kosherquest.org . There’s a good discussion of why this supervision IS NOT reliable here: http://www.crcweb.org/agency_list.php . The cRc list and KosherQuest are baseline standards of what is and should be considered reliable kashrut. As was said at one of the above links, “The Kosher symbol in question does not appear on the /cRc web site nor its app because the /cRc has not accepted it as a reliable hechsher. Call the /cRc offices for yourself @ their telephone number 1(773)465-3900. I work p/t for them and have had to explain to one of the restaurants under the supervision of the /cRc that had a product from that hechsher in question that it is an unacceptable hechsher as far as the /cRc is concerned.”

      • Alan Ira Silver

        Bob – You need to see an opthamologist as it is NOT a “Shield K.” Shield K is located in Michigan. If they are using you as a P/T Clown mashgiach they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel as your eyesight is really poor. I don’t look at the CrC as a meter stick to judge anyones kashrut. The present director was previously the MidWest representative for the OU. Rabbi Benjamin Shendalov was a very reputable man and completely a-political. The CrC, kosherquest and the likes are for people like you who can’t open a Gemara and learn out anything. The average American Jew knows very little about kashrut and would eat anywhere and everywhere with checking with anyone. Keeping fooling yourself and others.

        • Bob

          This mean-spirited joke of a “Rabbi” is a liar. Mr. “Alan Ira Silver” IS the “Shield K” aka “Shield Star K” (a simple Google revealed same) which is a totally UNRELIABLE supervision according to every rabbi I’ve asked. His bogus symbol and supervision aren’t recognized by ANY mainstream kashrut organization. He’s a nasty bully out to make a buck from people who don’t give a damn about true kashrut. Shame on him and his deceptive enterprise. Mr. Silver is the “P/T Clown mashgiach.”


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