Full 8 Shekel Menu at This New Kosher ‘Chef’ Sandwich Chain in Israel: EIGHT

The gourmet sandwich chain led by the only Israeli Michelin star chef, Moshik Roth (מושיק רוט), has finally come to Yerushalayim. EIGHT or “8 רשת”, the chain serves everything on the menu for merely 8 shekels each.

The reason everything cost 8 shekels is that according to the owner, every time someone goes to the bigger chains or a regular burger joint, the portions arehuge and expensive. By making everything on the menu 8 shekels, you can order a couple of things to enjoy.

This concept was first started by Cofix with their 5 shekel cafe menu, and continued with the 10 shekel sandwich chain Goldot.

Diners can fill their sandwich with corned beef, hamburger, duck, rib eye, or make a double decker sandwich. Menu items include asado, entrecote, duck, chicken, schnitzel, hamburgers, merguez sausage, and vegetable omelet, freshly prepared and served with rolls with add-ons including mushrooms, fried egg, and roasted peppers. Additional menu items include salads, coleslaw, french fries, sweet potato, and mashed onion rings.

Click here for the full menu.

Eight’s current chain of restaurants include:

  • Afula
  • Bat Yam
  • Be’er Sheva
  • Hadera
  • Haifa
  • Holon
  • Jerusalem
  • Rishon LeZion

Coming soon branches:

  • Ashkelon
  • Bet Shemesh
  • Eilat
  • Herzilya
  • Holon
  • Jerusalem – Malcha
  • Kiryat Ata
  • Kiryat Motzkin
  • Netanya
  • Ramat Gan
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tiberias

Kosher Rabbanut Jerusalem and locally for each branch

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