Easta La Vista Restaurant in Baltimore, MD No Longer Star-K Certified

UPDATE: Hashgacha currently under Rabbi Tzvi Weiss.

The Middle-Eastern style restaurant, Easta La Vista in Baltimore, MD is no longer under the kashrus supervision of the Star-K.

Easta La Vista serves the classic Israeli/Middel Eastern style food– shawarma, falafel, kebabs, mixed with the American style burgers and salads.

Although they are no longer under Star-K supervision, it is unclear whether they remain kosher under another hashgacha or if they are no longer kosher.

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Talia Rona

  • zeelig

    From Easta La Vista website:
    PLEASE NOTE, Easta La Vista is currently under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Y Zvi Weiss of Baltimore, no longer the Star K of Baltimore.

  • Moshe

    Please Note:
    Effective June 1,2014 Easta LaVista will no longer be under Rabbi Y. Zvi Weiss’s kosher supervision.


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