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New Pizza Place Coming Soon to East Brunswick, New Jersey

giddy's pizzeria logoGiddy’s Pizzeria was set to open this past Sunday in East Brunswick, New Jersey, but due to some plumbing issues they had to push off their opening date. The first kosher restaurant in the area (south of New Brunswick), Giddy’s will be your regular pizza shop with pizza (obviously), calzones, fries, onions rings, and salad–very exciting for the Jewish community of East Brunswick!

At $2.35 a slice, Giddy’s pizza is actually a bargain, at least compared to the $3.25 slices at Bravo Pizza in Midtown Manhattan.  (Click here to view the rest of their menu.) They also offer free delivery.

Giddy’s is under the kashrus supervision of the Va’ad HaRabbonim of Raritan Valley.

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  • The lettering in your logo is fine but the drawing of the pizza is not. Do yourself a favor and get someone else, someone with talent, to redraw the pizza.

  • I’m thrilled to see this article and can’t wait for Giddy’s to open. Love the name!