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PSA: Kof-K Doesn’t Certify Mobile Food Trucks

Kof-K-kosher-certificationThe following kashrut notice was posted as a newspaper ad from mid-July.

Please note that at this time, the Kof-K does not cerfify any mobile food carts or trucks. This applies to sandwich trucks, breakfast trucks and especially ice cream trucks.

If you see any mobile unit displaying the Kof-K, please take a picture and email it to [email protected].


Additionally, the Kof-K is urging kosher consumers to be cautious about companies using their hechsher.  Do not assume that a food service facility or restaurant is under the Kof-K Certification unless the establishment displays a current Kof-K certificate. (This should go for all kosher certifications) A current list of Kof-K certified service establishments and restaurants can be found on the Kof-K website.


(Source: Kashrus.com)

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