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9 DAYS: Open Meat Restaurants With Pareve Menus

We all know that Dairy Kosher restaurants will be open during the 9 Days, but what about those meaty fleishig places we all love? Well, the smart ones have developed a heavy fish / vegetarian / sushi menu to occupy your wallets. Here’s a list of the MEAT places open with special 9 Days menus:

» Thanks to GKRM who posted an original list of restaurants for the 9 days.

(If there is a MEAT restaurant that is open with a special menu for the NINE DAYS, please comment below and we will add it.)



  • Abigael’s
  • Chop Chop
  • Eighteen
  • Estihana
  • La Carne Grill
  • Le Marais
  • Mendy’s on 34th st
  • Prime Grill
  • Prime Ko
  • Solo
  • Talia’s Steakhouse
  • Wolf & Lamb


  • Basil Pizza & Wine Bar
  • China Glatt
  • Dougie’s BBQ
  • Essen NY Deli
  • Glatt ala Carte
  • Mendy’s Crown Heights
  • Pardes
  • Sophie’s Bistro
  • Sushi KBar
  • Tea for Two


  • Eden Wok

    5 Towns

  • Bistro Grill (Woodmere)

    New Jersey

  • Fumio Sushi & Steakhouse (Livingston)


  • Pistachio Gourmet Grill
  • Rare Steakhouse

  • La Gondola (LA)
  • La Seine (LA)
  • The Kitchen Table (Mountain View / Silicon Valley)

  • Fuego Mundo
  • Chai Peking


  • King Solomon’s Table (Toronto)
  • Ernie & Ellie (Montreal)

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