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Noi Due: Kosher, Italian and Upscale Dining in NYC [Guest Review]

Whether you’re a New York native or just visiting, everyone knows that one of the highlights of a night out here is the availability of Kosher restaurants. For a special occasion and a memorable experience, you should consider eating at Noi Due, located right near Lincoln Center.

Aside from its unpronounceable name (try getting someone to meet you there!), this place has few drawbacks. Italian, dairy, kosher, and delicious. It’s a bit pricey – but well worth it. Most kosher restaurants have the annoying trait of terrible service; this one breaks the mold with a staff of informed, attentive and fun waiters who will get your order right every time, bring it quickly and even give you marriage advice (My husband and I ate there the day after our wedding)! The ambiance can’t be beat, which is really saying something since it’s in a basement. Instead of stuffiness, you’re greeted with plenty of open space, bright color, and sleek decor that at once manages to be modern yet homey and comfortable. I’ve been here several times and not once did I see a baby carriage, loud birthday party, or children running around- something you get used to expecting while eating kosher in NYC, so Noi Due is a refreshing, pleasant surprise.

Their menu has the usual Italian dairy fare, it includes sections for soups, pasta, salads, pizza, entrees, and of course, dessert. I’ve been here several times with large groups of people, and every dish we ordered was both delicious and beautifully prepared. They will substitute anything for you (it is a restaurant catering to Jews, after all), just ask. They also do take-out, which I’ll mention worked very well for me while traveling. It kept perfectly for the plane ride.

Another nice aspect is the location; just a few blocks from Lincoln Center, the area is beautiful, upscale and there’s no shortage of before/after dinner activities. There’s also a nearby movie theater if you couldn’t score tickets to a Lincoln Center show, the Apple store to go play around in, plenty of public art, and, now, a Forever21 store if you need to kill some time while waiting to meet someone. To conclude… it’s perfect for a date or celebration.

Find them at 143 West 69th Street between Amsterdam and Colombus Avenues. Their number is 212-712-2222; though keep in mind they don’t take reservations. Also, don’t forget to go to nycbestparking.com to get a parking garage coupon and save yourself some money.

Have a great time!

Review by @thatartistgirl on Twitter. Check out her artwork at Facebook.com/Lenmiz.