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Israel News

Jerusalem Marathon and Athletic High Performance Energy Gels

Almost ten thousand athletes from all over the world and Israel are converging on Jerusalem, Israel on Friday, March 25th, to participate in the first ever Jerusalem Marathon; these runners are redefining the term Aliya L’Regel.

They’re pounding the pavement starting at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) going through many areas of Jerusalem, including the Old City and finishing at Gan Sacher (link to map).

Hydration and muscle fuel are an important part of endurance and performance during an event like this. High performance energy gels are a popular option for runners and cyclists.

We found two great options for Kosher athletes:

1. Challenge, an Israeli company that is a sponsor of the Jerusalem Marathon, is widely sold all over Israel. They’re hoping to expand their international availability in the near future.

2. Gu Energy is a San Francisco based  enterprise, certified by  K-ORC, (Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco).

Please note, Gu Energy is NOT related to another San Francisco based sport performance enhancement company, the now defunct BALCO.