✈ Keeping Kosher in Ottawa, ON

Contributed by: Josh Margo | Last Date of Travel: [Author lives in Ottawa]

Kosher Info: Although its a great city there is limited spots for kosher food. The Rideau Bakery with two spots has some great bakery items. A location in the heart of downtown on Rideau Street and a newer one on Bank(between Heron and Walkley). The one downtown has a little cafe attached to it. Both location have packaged deli products. They also run a small Cafe in the SJCC. Besides that there is a great kosher section at the Loblaws grocery store in College Square with prepared food and great selection of all sort of kosher food.

Tourist Info: There are some great festivals during the summer. Who new flowers could be so much fun but the Tulip festival attracts so many people that they have added some entertain along the street to hype the crowd! There is the New War Museum, and the great Science a Technology Museum and the Museum of Civilization. How could you leave out a tour of Parliament Hill. Right next to parliament Hill are two hot spots Rideau center and the Byward market.

There are some great hiking and camping areas just outside the city in the Gatineau area.

Jewish Info: Although the community is not that big, there is a synagogue for each type. If you like a cantor look no further than Machzikei Hadas, although its really formal. There is nothing like a dvar torah from the world renown Rabbi Bulka. There is a great Kollel which is right next to the SJCC. Of course there are two Beth Shaloms. There is one downtown which is traditional and the other one is dubbed “Beth Shalom West” is a classical Zionist synagogue (soon to be renamed Beth Tikvah). And of course there is a Chabad (actually I think there are about 4 now in the city).

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Josh Margo

  • Josh Margo

    The Cafe in the SJCC is going through some changes and the regular hours and menu is changing. Please contact the SJCC for all the details.

  • Moish

    Don’t forget about the Ottawa Bagel Shop (http://www.bagelshop.ca/docs/products/kosher.htm)- authentic Montreal-style bagels baked fresh in a wood-burning oven! Only the bagels are under Kosher supervision in the store, but you can also pick up some Rideau Bakery bread and some packaged deli/smoked fish/specialty cream cheese here.





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