3 New Kosher Restaurants (Deli / Fish / Asian) Now Open in Montréal

Last updated: December 25, 2015

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In the last 6 weeks, 3 new kosher restaurants opened in Montréal, Quebec. (Scroll down to find all 3 on a map)


1) Deli 770 is a new kosher sandwich shop that opened up earlier this month in Monréal. The shop specializes in smoked meat (a specific Montréal way of preparing deli meat), also serving other deli meats, schnitzel, tuna, meatballs, sabich, and others on a variety of  fresh breads.

Click here for the full menu

Kashrut supervision is from the Chabad of Montréal.


FishNZone interior

FishNZone interior

2) FishNZone is a new kosher fish bistro that opened last month in Montréal. The small beautiful restaurant is intended for those seeking an intimate experience with fresh ingredients, delicious fish, and fine kosher wines.

FishNZone’s full menu is here

FishNZone is fully pareve and under the MK for kosher supervision.


3) Kimly Kosher Asian Cuisine is a new fast food kosher Asian restaurant that opened in November within the Cavendish Mall (in Cote St. Luc, Montréal), with a wide array of inexpensive Asian dishes including Chinese, Thai, and Singaporean cuisines.

Click here for the full menu

This fleishig restaurant is under the MK for kosher supervision.


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  • Noemi

    FishNZone appears to be dairy, not pareve, based on the menu. Also the entire website doesn’t show an address? Am I missing it? Where is it?