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An Insider Look at Yankee Stadium’s Secret Kosher Kitchen

The premium offerings in the stadium are a bit more difficult to pin down than finding a kosher stand. The offerings vary based on a number of factors, but one rule of thumb is that they are often meant to replicate what the non-kosher customer is getting as closely as possible.

The Legends Suite Club is a two-level indoor area that is accessible for those with seats in the bottom half of the lower bowl between the dugouts. In other words, if you’re sitting in the best seats, you also get the best food, and that includes kosher too.

While it would be impossible to replicate the regular buffet at the Legends Suite Club, the kosher action station is pretty amazing. Located on the lower level of the club, the station can be found just to the left of the stairs as you descend. Here you’ll find separate disposable plates and plasticware (the other stations have reusables) and a buffet where a server behind the glass will fill your plate with that day’s delicacies.

The menu includes two choices for entrées (one that is either beef, veal, or lamb and another that is chicken), one starch-based side dish, and one vegetable side dish. That might sound plain, but this is a top-quality operation. A menu might consist of herb-grilled veal chops or grilled chicken in a lemon caper sauce with sides of garlic herb fingerling potatoes and grilled summer squash with cherry tomatoes.

Then there are the auxiliary menu items. These include a salad (usually something interesting), the “ball park frank” section (hot dog or sausage with sauerkraut, peppers and onions, chili, etc.), a Mediterranean Mezze selection (usually one item like kibbeh, a dip like hummus, and something to dip in it like pita), and dessert (a selection of pastries and fresh fruit).

If you really want to lean into the experience, the bar actually carries mevushal wine. It may only be available for purchase by the bottle, but the fact that it’s even an option is impressive.

There’s always a Star-K mashgiach there to answer questions if a guest isn’t sure about something, though certain things fall outside their purview. For instance, there is also plenty of packaged food at Legends that is included with the ticket. But for that, every person is their own mashgiach.

In terms of beverages, you’ll find soda and water for the taking. If you’re inclined to try to eat dairy before venturing to the action station, there’s ice cream by the scoop (currently Blue Bunny, but make sure to check for yourself) as well as packaged ice cream bars, not to mention the buckets of fun size candy bars. As for pareve snacks to take to your seat, there are chips, peanuts, and pretzels available also.

Audi Club, Yankee Stadium

Far away from home plate, you might want to check out the Audi Yankees Club. This fancy lounge sits on the suite level behind the left field foul pole. It features a bar when you first walk in, followed by a dining room with indoor tiered seating below and a buffet on the concourse. Sadly, the only way you’ll see a kosher buffet up here is if you get a large enough group and tell the kitchen in advance.

That said, if you have a ticket to a tiered seat (they have a countertop in front of them), you’re entitled to Legends food to substitute for the high-end buffet behind you. Even without a ticket for tiered seating in Audi, you can book a table there if you have “Audi Club Access” listed on your ticket. This usually comes with some of the better seats in the park. If you book a table, you can also get kosher Legends food for your meal. Just keep in mind that eating at Audi is $75 per person plus tax and tip.

If you’re waiting for your meals to arrive from Legends and you’re wondering what there is at Audi that’s packaged and kosher, you’re limited to water, soda, chips, and scooped ice cream (just remember that those things aren’t overseen by the Star-K).

Next door, the Budweiser Party Deck is a unique spot in the park. Located just off of the Audi Club, it’s an outdoor area that can be booked by one group (minimum 40 people) per game. Those on the Budweiser deck have access to the buffet from Audi, which also means that you can get Legends food as an individual or even as a buffet if the whole group is kosher.

The rest of this level of the ballpark is occupied by the three different sizes of suites in the ballpark. Luxury suites hold 16-36 people, party suites are for groups of 25-80, and club suites can accommodate 45-100 guests. Any kosher-keeping patron in a suite can ask the attendant to bring kosher food. Hot dogs, chicken tenders, and pastries are available free of charge. Only the luxury suites include domestic beer, but all the suites are stocked with water, soda, and chips.

In the event that a person in a suite wants food from Legends instead of the basic offerings, that can be done as well. The suite manager can charge the guest for any of the Legends options ($25 for entrée and side dishes and $7-$9 for auxiliary items) and have the food brought up to the suite.

If the suite is being reserved for a group that wants only kosher food, that’s not an issue. The kosher team will work with the suite hosts to put together a kosher buffet. Just like any non-kosher group, the customer can ask for different types of food to be added to the buffet on an a la carte basis with a few days of advance notice.

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