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New York News

BRAND NEW Restaurant Collab: Akimori x Bonito in NYC

Akimori has made a name for itself over the last couple of years as an upscale Brooklyn restaurant that offers gourmet Omakase sushi experiences. The high-end eatery is growing its footprint and will now begin a collaboration with the new Manhattan restaurant Bonito, opened earlier this year by the founders of Barnea Bistro. The collaboration will involve adding a curated sushi menu to Bonito’s already innovative tasting menu.

The sushi menu will feature dishes that include Tuna Crispy Rice, Toro, and King Salmon. Also available will be a 9pc and 18pc sushi Chef’s Plate.

Bonito is located at 31 West 17th St, New York, NY.

>>> Click here for the Akimori menu at Bonito
>>> Click here for the Bonito appetizer menu

Bonito is kosher-certified by the OU.