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UPDATED MASTER LIST: Kosher Restaurants & Services Currently Open (Takeout/Delivery)

Lots have changed in recent weeks, so a completely updated post is in order.

Restaurants down in Florida are starting to allow limited in-restaurant diners, so that will pave the way for additional changes across the board.

There’s a large number of high-end kosher restaurants that were recently added to this list as they’re also getting into the takeout and delivery game, but this also comes on the heels of some high-end restaurants closing permanently (Abigael’s NYC and Wolf & Lamb Brooklyn), with potentially more coming if things don’t change soon.

As always, we are encouraging anyone who can afford to eat out to order from their local kosher restaurants as well as the few who are delivering into your area.


Many of the kosher restaurants on our list are also using delivery apps like Seamless, UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and others. To get discounts on your orders from these apps, use the links below.

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This list is constantly being updated. Please use the comment section below to add any restaurant names (+city) that are missing from this list.

Katzy’s Food FactorySydneyNSWAustralia
Pita MixSydneyNSWAustralia
Danelis DeliMelbourneVICAustralia
Kimberly GardensMelbourneVICAustralia
Laffa barMelbourneVICAustralia
Mama falafelMelbourneVICAustralia
Spot On CafeMelbourneVICAustralia
Babi’s RestaurantOttawaONCanada
Ba-Li LaffaThornhillONCanada
Dr LaffaThornhillONCanada
Howie T’s Burger BarThornhillONCanada
Shalom IndiaThornhillONCanada
Thornhill Kosher PizzaThornhillONCanada
Bubbys BagelsTorontoONCanada
Centro CafeTorontoONCanada
Chicken NestTorontoONCanada
Jacobs Deli and SmokehouseTorontoONCanada
Milk and HoneyTorontoONCanada
Noah Kosher SushiTorontoONCanada
Omni Jewels & JavaTorontoONCanada
Pizza CaféTorontoONCanada
Slice N BitesTorontoONCanada
Tov li pizzaTorontoONCanada
Umami SushiTorontoONCanada
Umami SushiTorontoONCanada
Les Deli BoyzMontrealQCCanada
Pizza PitaMontrealQCCanada
Kosh ChileSantiagoChile
Kosher Pita GrillGuayaquilEcuador
Chumus EliyahuArielIsrael
Japan JapanArielIsrael
Pizza ExtraArielIsrael
Pat BamelachEfratIsrael
Pizzeria EfratEfratIsrael
Siftach CoffeeEfratIsrael
Schmaltz DeliJerusalemIsrael
Avron’s PlaceCape TownSouth Africa
KanteenBrent CrossEnglandUK
Gideons KitchenEdgwareEnglandUK
Hot CutGolders GreenEnglandUK
MetsuyanGolders GreenEnglandUK
NovellinoGolders GreenEnglandUK
Novellino BistroGolders GreenEnglandUK
PitaGolders GreenEnglandUK
PizazaGolders GreenEnglandUK
SoyoGolders GreenEnglandUK
Soyo DinerGolders GreenEnglandUK
Balady al HaeishLondonEnglandUK
Sushi HavenLondonEnglandUK
613 GrillPhoenixAZUSA
Cafe ChenarPhoenixAZUSA
Kitchen 18PhoenixAZUSA
La Bella PizzeriaPhoenixAZUSA
Street Cafe by AromaEncinoCAUSA
Bagel Factory LALos AngelesCAUSA
Baskin Robbins (Beverlywood)Los AngelesCAUSA
Beverly Hills ThaiLos AngelesCAUSA
Bibi’s Bakery CafeLos AngelesCAUSA
Bodai ThaiLos AngelesCAUSA
Brami’s Kosher PizzaLos AngelesCAUSA
Burger BarLos AngelesCAUSA
Chick n’ChowLos AngelesCAUSA
Harissa/Got KosherLos AngelesCAUSA
Holy GrillLos AngelesCAUSA
Jeff’s Sausage FactoryLos AngelesCAUSA
Kosher Pizza WorldLos AngelesCAUSA
La GondolaLos AngelesCAUSA
Leider’s (2 locations)Los AngelesCAUSA
Lenny’s CasitaLos AngelesCAUSA
Melrose BiteLos AngelesCAUSA
Mensch Bakery & KitchenLos AngelesCAUSA
Meshuga 4 Sushi (2 locations)Los AngelesCAUSA
Mucca DairyLos AngelesCAUSA
Orange DeliteLos AngelesCAUSA
PizzamarkLos AngelesCAUSA
Psy Street BurgerLos AngelesCAUSA
SchnitzlyLos AngelesCAUSA
Shalom GrillLos AngelesCAUSA
Shalom PizzaLos AngelesCAUSA
Shanghai DiamondLos AngelesCAUSA
Shanghai Diamond GardenLos AngelesCAUSA
Ta-eem GrillLos AngelesCAUSA
Tel Aviv Glatt Kosher GrillLos AngelesCAUSA
The Milky WayLos AngelesCAUSA
ToppingsLos AngelesCAUSA
Tierra SurOxnardCAUSA
Frena Bakery and CafeSan FranciscoCAUSA
Psy Street BurgerSherman OaksCAUSA
Napoli PizzaValley VillageCAUSA
Brooklyn PizzaDenverCOUSA
East Side Kosher DeliDenverCOUSA
Abel CaterersWoodbridgeCTUSA
Taim FalafelWashingtonDCUSA
Dixie BBQAventuraFLUSA
Holy SchnitzelAventuraFLUSA
Levy’s ShwarmaAventuraFLUSA
Milk Gone NutsAventuraFLUSA
Soho Asian Bar & GrillAventuraFLUSA
Soho Kosher DeliAventuraFLUSA
Meat BarBay Harbor IslandsFLUSA
Boca GrillBoca RatonFLUSA
Butcher Block ExpressBoca RatonFLUSA
Century GrillBoca RatonFLUSA
DitmasBoca RatonFLUSA
Jon’s PlaceBoca RatonFLUSA
Lox & BagelBoca RatonFLUSA
Mozart CafeBoca RatonFLUSA
Orchid GardensBoca RatonFLUSA
Kosher Bagel CoveHallandaleFLUSA
China BistroHollywoodFLUSA
Grand CafeHollywoodFLUSA
Mizrachi PizzaHollywoodFLUSA
Sushi AddictsHollywoodFLUSA
Gili’s KitchenJacksonvilleFLUSA
Hadekel 1MiamiFLUSA
Mama PizzaMiamiFLUSA
Zak the BakerMiamiFLUSA
Bagel TimeMiami BeachFLUSA
Lenny’s PizzaMiami BeachFLUSA
SeventeenMiami BeachFLUSA
Tasty Beach CafeMiami BeachFLUSA
Bubbys Fish n ChipsNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Chai WokNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Jerusalem PizzaNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Subres GrillNorth Miami BeachFLUSA
Cafe JOrmond BeachFLUSA
J BakeOrmond BeachFLUSA
J GrillOrmond BeachFLUSA
Pita HutPita HutFLUSA
Pita LocaPita LocaFLUSA
Sunrise PitaSunriseFLUSA
26 Sushi & TapasSurfsideFLUSA
Cafe VertSurfsideFLUSA
Chai WokSurfsideFLUSA
Cine CittaSurfsideFLUSA
Harbour GrillSurfsideFLUSA
Kosh MiamiSurfsideFLUSA
Mendel’s Backyard BBQSurfsideFLUSA
Serendipity Ice CreamSurfsideFLUSA
The CarrotSurfsideFLUSA
Chai PekingAtlantaGAUSA
Feugo MundoAtlantaGAUSA
Pita GrillAtlantaGAUSA
Toco GrillAtlantaGAUSA
Evita Argentinian SteakhouseChicagoILUSA
Glatt Chicago (food truck)ChicagoILUSA
Great Chicago Food and BeverageChicagoILUSA
Hamachi Sushi BarChicagoILUSA
Milt’s BBQ for the PerplexedChicagoILUSA
Tel Aviv Kosher PizzaChicagoILUSA
The Main Pizza ChalaviChicagoILUSA
Mizrachi GrillHighland ParkILUSA
Dairy StarLincolnwoodILUSA
The Lincoln CafeLincolnwoodILUSA
Chicago TailgatorsSkokieILUSA
Emma’s Bagel CafeSkokieILUSA
Good Morgan BistroSkokieILUSA
Ken’s DinerSkokieILUSA
Ken’s DinerSkokieILUSA
Sarah’s Brick OvenSkokieILUSA
Shallots BistroSkokieILUSA
Taboun GrillSkokieILUSA
Tacos GingiSkokieILUSA
The Sandwich ClubSkokieILUSA
Zelda’s CateringSkokieILUSA
Meshuggah BagelsOverland ParkKSUSA
Kosher Cajun New York DeliNew OrleansLAUSA
Catering by AndrewBostonMAUSA
Cafe EilatBrooklineMAUSA
Catering by AndrewBrooklineMAUSA
J.P. LicksBrooklineMAUSA
Pure Cold PressBrooklineMAUSA
The Kosher WokBrooklineMAUSA
Veggie CrustBrooklineMAUSA
Vittorios Grill & KitchenBrooklineMAUSA
Dushez CateringNewtonMAUSA
Rosenfeld’s Bagel’sNewtonMAUSA
Adea’s Mediterranean KitchenSalemMAUSA
Tova’s Catering ASharonMAUSA
Chani’s Kosher TakeoutWorcesterMAUSA
Accents GrillBaltimoreMDUSA
Chef Dan’sBaltimoreMDUSA
Kosher Bite (KB Grill)BaltimoreMDUSA
Mama Leah’sBaltimoreMDUSA
The Daily SpecialBaltimoreMDUSA
Tov PizzaBaltimoreMDUSA
Van Gough CafeBaltimoreMDUSA
Yesh HummusBaltimoreMDUSA
Royal RestaurantBaltimoreMDUSA
Milk & Honey BistroPikesvilleMDUSA
Simply GourmetPikesvilleMDUSA
Al Ha’eshRockvilleMDUSA
Mama GrillRockvilleMDUSA
The Kosher KitchenRockvilleMDUSA
Ben Yehuda PizzaSilver SpringMDUSA
Holy ChowSilver SpringMDUSA
The Pastry OvenSilver SpringMDUSA
Max’s CafeWheatonMDUSA
Nuthouse PizzaWheatonMDUSA
Jerusalem PizzaSouthfieldMIUSA
Prime 10SouthfieldMIUSA
Wok In Cari OutSouthfieldMIUSA
Meshuggah BagelsKansas CityMOUSA
Simply SushiBergenfieldNJUSA
Cherry GrillCherry HillNJUSA
Simply SushiCliftonNJUSA
The Kosher ExperienceCliftonNJUSA
Grandma’s Cheese Cafe (May 4)DealNJUSA
Urban PopsDealNJUSA
Giddy’s PizzeriaEast BrunswickNJUSA
Avenue Grill & SushiElizabethNJUSA
Jerusalem RestaurantElizabethNJUSA
Burger BossEnglewoodNJUSA
Hummus EliteEnglewoodNJUSA
Benjy’s PizzaFair LawnNJUSA
Kosher ExpressFair LawnNJUSA
Mashu Mashu SushiFair LawnNJUSA
Perfect PitaFair LawnNJUSA
PetaksFair LawnNJUSA
ZaydiesFair LawnNJUSA
Zevy’s PizzaFair LawnNJUSA
Bridge Turkish & Mediterranean GrillHighland ParkNJUSA
Jerusalem PizzaHighland ParkNJUSA
Park PlaceHighland ParkNJUSA
SushianaHighland ParkNJUSA
Bagel KingJacksonNJUSA
Kalamata CafeJacksonNJUSA
Authentic Kosher ChineseLakewoodNJUSA
Bun BurgerLakewoodNJUSA
Eat a PitaLakewoodNJUSA
Fish GrillLakewoodNJUSA
Glatt BiteLakewoodNJUSA
J2 Pizza NorthLakewoodNJUSA
J2 Pizza SouthLakewoodNJUSA
Joseph and DavidLakewoodNJUSA
Mike’s Chicken CrunchersLakewoodNJUSA
Pita HutLakewoodNJUSA
Pizza PlaceLakewoodNJUSA
Simply SushiLakewoodNJUSA
That Sushi SpotLakewoodNJUSA
The Cookie CornerLakewoodNJUSA
The Upper CrustLakewoodNJUSA
Village Pizza (River Ave)LakewoodNJUSA
Jerusalem RestaurantLivingstonNJUSA
Stingers Sports BarLong BranchNJUSA
Patis BakeryLyndhurstNJUSA
Kosher Chinese ExpressManalapanNJUSA
The OrchidMetuchenNJUSA
College Ave CafeNew BrunswickNJUSA
The Green ChickpeaNewarkNJUSA
Jerusalem PizzaPassaicNJUSA
Juniors Kosher DeliPassaicNJUSA
Prima PizzaPassaicNJUSA
Kosher Tokyo HibachiSpringfieldNJUSA
Rye DeliSpringfieldNJUSA
Dunkin DonutsTeaneckNJUSA
etc SteakhouseTeaneckNJUSA
Mocha BleuTeaneckNJUSA
Noah’s ArkTeaneckNJUSA
Poppy’s BagelsTeaneckNJUSA
Rock N Roll SushiTeaneckNJUSA
Senders Smoke JointTeaneckNJUSA
Teaneck DoghouseTeaneckNJUSA
The Humble ToastTeaneckNJUSA
Arielas Pizza KitchenLas VegasNVUSA
Burnt OfferingsLas VegasNVUSA
Hummus VegasLas VegasNVUSA
Jerusalem Chef’s TableLas VegasNVUSA
Ace of SteaksLas VegasNVUSA
Bagel DloxAirmontNYUSA
Yoffee CoffeeAirmontNYUSA
Abe’s CornerBrooklynNYUSA
Ave M BagelsBrooklynNYUSA
Baguette ExpressBrooklynNYUSA
Baguette Express 2BrooklynNYUSA
Bash PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Benny’s PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Boeuf & BunBrooklynNYUSA
Bravo Kosher PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Brooklyn Artisan BakehouseBrooklynNYUSA
Cafe Au LeeBrooklynNYUSA
Chap a NoshBrooklynNYUSA
Chocolatte (2 locations)BrooklynNYUSA
Crawfords CafeBrooklynNYUSA
Day Five SushiBrooklynNYUSA
Divine PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Dixie BBQBrooklynNYUSA
Empire GrillBrooklynNYUSA
Falafel TanamiBrooklynNYUSA
Focaccia PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
GlutenFree SYBrooklynNYUSA
Gobo’s PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Holy SchnitzelBrooklynNYUSA
Hunan WestBrooklynNYUSA
Izzy’s BBQBrooklynNYUSA
Izzy’s Fried ChickenBrooklynNYUSA
Jerusalem SteakhouseBrooklynNYUSA
Josephs Dream BurgerBrooklynNYUSA
Jus by JulieBrooklynNYUSA
King SolomonBrooklynNYUSA
Kingston PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Main HouseBrooklynNYUSA
Manhattanville CoffeeBrooklynNYUSA
Milk N HoneyBrooklynNYUSA
Milkcrate CoffeeBrooklynNYUSA
My Favorite BagelBrooklynNYUSA
My Grill BarBrooklynNYUSA
Nosh ExpressBrooklynNYUSA
Olympia PitaBrooklynNYUSA
Panini la CafeBrooklynNYUSA
Perizia Kosher PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Pescada SteakhouseBrooklynNYUSA
Pizza TimeBrooklynNYUSA
Pressers BagelsBrooklynNYUSA
Renaissance CafeBrooklynNYUSA
Retro GrillBrooklynNYUSA
Rita’s (multiple locations)BrooklynNYUSA
Siena RestaurantBrooklynNYUSA
Simply SushiBrooklynNYUSA
Spoons Cafe (2 locations)BrooklynNYUSA
Sub ExpressBrooklynNYUSA
Subsational (Brooklyn College)BrooklynNYUSA
Sushi MeshugaBrooklynNYUSA
Sushi SpotBrooklynNYUSA
Sweet ExpressionsBrooklynNYUSA
T SteakhouseBrooklynNYUSA
That Sushi SpotBrooklynNYUSA
The CanteenBrooklynNYUSA
The Ice Cream House (3 locations)BrooklynNYUSA
The Juice TheoryBrooklynNYUSA
Wholesome BagelBrooklynNYUSA
Zami CaterersBrooklynNYUSA
By ChloeBrooklynNYUSA
Grill PointBrooklynNYUSA
Mama KitchenBrooklynNYUSA
Mendelsohns PizzaBrooklynNYUSA
Sizzling WokBrooklynNYUSA
Bagel BoysCedarhurstNYUSA
Cafe ChocolatCedarhurstNYUSA
Central PerkCedarhurstNYUSA
Cork & SliceCedarhurstNYUSA
David’s PizzaCedarhurstNYUSA
Mom’s PastriesCedarhurstNYUSA
Simply SushiCedarhurstNYUSA
Stop Chop & RollCedarhurstNYUSA
Upper CrustCedarhurstNYUSA
David’s PizzaCedarhurstNYUSA
Doma Land + SeaCedarhurstNYUSA
Bagel MentschGreat NeckNYUSA
Bistro BurgerGreat NeckNYUSA
ChatanoogaGreat NeckNYUSA
Cho Sen VillageGreat NeckNYUSA
ColbehGreat NeckNYUSA
ColbehGreat NeckNYUSA
Crawford’s CafeGreat NeckNYUSA
Elite PizzaGreat NeckNYUSA
House of SubsGreat NeckNYUSA
La PizzeriaGreat NeckNYUSA
Pizza RoxxGreat NeckNYUSA
Shiraz RestaurantGreat NeckNYUSA
Bagel BossHewlettNYUSA
Dunkin DonutsHewlettNYUSA
Laffa Bar & GrillHewlettNYUSA
Ahuva’s Grill ExpressLawrenceNYUSA
BOGO PizzaLawrenceNYUSA
Chimichurri Charcoal ChickenLawrenceNYUSA
Cho-Sen IslandLawrenceNYUSA
Dunkin DonutsLawrenceNYUSA
Fialkoffs Express (Seasons Express)LawrenceNYUSA
Jerusalem PizzaLawrenceNYUSA
Lolli Bop CafeLawrenceNYUSA
Prime BistroLawrenceNYUSA
Sunflower CafeLawrenceNYUSA
Sushi PieLawrenceNYUSA
Sushi TokyoLawrenceNYUSA
Al Di La PizzeriaMonseyNYUSA
Bagel D LoxMonseyNYUSA
Chick n ChuckMonseyNYUSA
Chinatown KosherMonseyNYUSA
Hava JavaMonseyNYUSA
KC GrillMonseyNYUSA
Kosher CastleMonseyNYUSA
La PizzeriaMonseyNYUSA
Pomona PizzaMonseyNYUSA
Sheli’s TooMonseyNYUSA
Simply SushiMonseyNYUSA
Green Olive PizzaNew Hyde ParkNYUSA
Eden WokNew RochelleNYUSA
Mikey Dubb’s CustardNew RochelleNYUSA
Prime Time CafeNew RochelleNYUSA
8 SlicesNew YorkNYUSA
AbaitaNew YorkNYUSA
AbaitaNew YorkNYUSA
ArbaNew YorkNYUSA
Bagels & CoNew YorkNYUSA
Barnea BistroNew YorkNYUSA
Beyond SushiNew YorkNYUSA
BlossomNew YorkNYUSA
Bravo BurgerNew YorkNYUSA
Bravo Kosher Pizza (downtown)New YorkNYUSA
By Chloe (multiple locations)New YorkNYUSA
By the Way BakeryNew YorkNYUSA
Cafe RomaNew YorkNYUSA
Cafe VivaNew YorkNYUSA
Carlos & Gabby’s/GrazeNew YorkNYUSA
Chop ChopNew YorkNYUSA
ColbehNew YorkNYUSA
DillerNew YorkNYUSA
EighteenNew YorkNYUSA
Golan HeightsNew YorkNYUSA
Grandmas Kosher PizzaNew YorkNYUSA
Grill 212New YorkNYUSA
Holy SchnitzelNew YorkNYUSA
KasbahNew YorkNYUSA
Kosher in MidtownNew YorkNYUSA
Lake Como PizzaNew YorkNYUSA
Le MaraisNew YorkNYUSA
Mendy’s (34th st)New YorkNYUSA
Mike’s BistroNew YorkNYUSA
Mocha BurgerNew YorkNYUSA
Modern Bread & BagelNew YorkNYUSA
Mr. BroadwayNew YorkNYUSA
New Amsterdam BurgerNew YorkNYUSA
Noi DueNew YorkNYUSA
Noi Due CarneNew YorkNYUSA
PaprikaNew YorkNYUSA
Pita Grill KosherNew YorkNYUSA
Rothschild TLVNew YorkNYUSA
Saba’s PizzaNew YorkNYUSA
Sage KitchenNew YorkNYUSA
Screme Gelato BarNew YorkNYUSA
Talia’s SteakhouseNew YorkNYUSA
Vino LevantinoNew YorkNYUSA
West Side WokNew YorkNYUSA
Wolf & LambNew YorkNYUSA
Bagel BossOceansideNYUSA
Sharmel CaterersOceansideNYUSA
Annie’s KitchenQueensNYUSA
Bagel BossQueensNYUSA
Benjy’s PizzaQueensNYUSA
Benny’s PizzaQueensNYUSA
Bravo PizzaQueensNYUSA
Cafe MuscatQueensNYUSA
Carlos & Gabby’sQueensNYUSA
Cho-Sen GardenQueensNYUSA
Dunkin DonutsQueensNYUSA
Elite CafeQueensNYUSA
Fialkoffs Express (Aron’s)QueensNYUSA
Fortune ChineseQueensNYUSA
Ganey OrlyQueensNYUSA
Grill PointQueensNYUSA
Holy SchnitzelQueensNYUSA
Hot Spot GrillQueensNYUSA
Jerusalem CafeQueensNYUSA
Main Street BagelsQueensNYUSA
Mama SchnitzelQueensNYUSA
Meo HibachiQueensNYUSA
Mezze PizzaQueensNYUSA
Naomi’s PizzaQueensNYUSA
Pahal ZanQueensNYUSA
Pita HotQueensNYUSA
Pizza Palace CafeQueensNYUSA
Pizza ProfessorQueensNYUSA
Sandwich BarQueensNYUSA
Shimon’s PizzaQueensNYUSA
Sizzle GrillQueensNYUSA
Soy SauceQueensNYUSA
Sushi Fussion (Forest Hills)QueensNYUSA
Sushi KingdomQueensNYUSA
Tov Li ShwarmaQueensNYUSA
Upper CrustQueensNYUSA
Carlos & Gabby’sRiverdaleNYUSA
Corner CafeRiverdaleNYUSA
Greunbaum’s BakeryRiverdaleNYUSA
Kai FanRiverdaleNYUSA
Pizza BlockRiverdaleNYUSA
Sammy’s BagelsScarsdaleNYUSA
Dairy PalaceStaten IslandNYUSA
Holy SchnitzelStaten IslandNYUSA
Dunkin DonutsValley StreamNYUSA
Bagel CraftWest HempsteadNYUSA
Bagel TownWest HempsteadNYUSA
Hunki’s PizzaWest HempsteadNYUSA
Oma’s Sushi & GrillWest HempsteadNYUSA
Sauly’s PizzaWest HempsteadNYUSA
Wing WanWest HempsteadNYUSA
Beach Bakery & Grand CafeWesthamptonNYUSA
16 HandlesWhite PlainsNYUSA
Pizza PiousWoodmereNYUSA
Simply SushiWoodmereNYUSA
Issi’s PlaceClevelandOHUSA
Jade Chinese KitchenClevelandOHUSA
Kinneret Kosher PizzaClevelandOHUSA
Aish TanoorTorontoONUSA
Three Sisters’ Kitchen and 3SK CafeTorontoONUSA
Citron and Rose TavernBala CynwydPAUSA
ZagafenBala CynwydPAUSA
Star of David GrillNarbethPAUSA
Nana’s KitchenNarbethPAUSA
Espresso CafePhiladelphiaPAUSA
Judah Mediterranean GrillPhiladelphiaPAUSA
New York Bagel BakeryPhiladelphiaPAUSA
Shalom PizzeriaPhiladelphiaPAUSA
Milky WayPittsburghPAUSA
Zayde’s NY DeliMemphisTNUSA
Aderet RestaurantDallasTXUSA
Dallas Kosher PizzaDallasTXUSA
Kosher PalateDallasTXUSA
Meat PointDallasTXUSA
Milk & Honey Kosher Market and GrillDallasTXUSA
The MarketDallasTXUSA
Cafe at the JCC/Laykies GourmetHoustonTXUSA
Dino’s Mediterranean CuisineHoustonTXUSA
Genesis Steakhouse & Wine BarHoustonTXUSA
Green Vegetarian CuisineHoustonTXUSA
Saba’s Wok & GrillHoustonTXUSA
Bamboo GardenSeattleWAUSA
Einstein Bros BagelsSeattleWAUSA
Island Crust CafeSeattleWAUSA
Kosher CatchNortheastUSA
Wandering QueNortheastUSA

Please keep in mind that each of these restaurants will likely have a more limited set of hours, different menu offering, etc. due to the current crisis. Be patient, plan ahead, and be polite.

Keeping track of permanent restaurant closures (during COVID-19 crisis) or restaurants removing kosher certification:

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