NOTICE: Maoz Quietly Changes Some Restaurants to Meat in NYC; Some Treif, Some Kosher

Last updated: May 4, 2017

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Recently, some of Maoz Vegetarian‘s restaurants have been converted into meat restaurants named Maoz Falafel + Grill. On their new website, menu items include chicken and beef items as well as feta cheese, which has raised obvious red flags for kosher consumers.

At their 7th Ave & W40th street location near Times Square, a kosher certificate is visible, and when asked the manager stated that this and one other Maoz Falafel + Grill do not serve any dairy and only use Glatt Kosher meat from The other kosher location is on the UWS, on Broadway off of W71st st.

The kashrut for these 2 kosher stores is listed under Rabbi Steinberg.

The two other locations: 8th Avenue, and E8th street, are completely treif.

There are other Maoz Vegetarian restaurants still around in NYC. It is unclear if the vegetarian restaurants have retained their kashrut at this time, although the Maoz Vegetarian inside the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island does have a hashgacha.

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  • This has been like this for over a year…

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    Useless Hashgacha anyway.