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Maoz Vegetarian Opens Kosher Stand @ Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island

maoz-vegetarian-Roosevelt-field-kosher-falafelRoosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY (Long Island) is a very popular mall amongst the many Jewish communities in Nassau County & Queens, and now has another kosher eatery in the mall (in addition to the kosher Cinnabon).

Maoz Vegetarian has just opened a stand in the mall – located on the upper level in the Dining District, between Bloomingdale’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. [Click here for Mall Map identifying Maoz location]. The falafel chain has multiple “restaurants” in NYC and around the world, a good chunk of which have kosher certification.

The kashrut supervision is under Cup K (Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg).

STORE HOURS: Monday to Saturday 10am – 9:30pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm

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  • too bad both they and cinnabon are both using a (far) less than universally accepted hashgocha

    • I have yet to find a hashgacha that is “universally accepted.” Good luck with that one!

      • While that is certainly true there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between an ou or chof k, and the “cup” k, (perhaps trying too hard to sound like the chof k. Perhaps I should have chose a word other than “universally” but I did modify with “far less”. Would “generally” make you more comfortable? But don’t take my word for it, Google it yourself, and if you are comfortable with what you find..b’tayavon.

          • Believe me I wish it were good hasgocha. I work right in that area and I wish I had an alternative to bagel boss (who’s Rav HaMachshir I know personally and therefore know I can eat there based upon that personal knowledge).