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Florida News

[BRAND NEW] “Prime Grill” Launches in Miami with Live Music

Prime Grill is a new Aventura, FL restaurant that has taken the place of another kosher restaurant, HBK Burger. The Miami-area restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and features something not all that common: live music on Thursdays and Sundays.

The restaurant has no relation to the former NYC-area steakhouse that closed a few years back.

The menu at Prime Grill includes both Mediterranean and American dishes such as beef carpaccio, arayes, burgers, and various ribeye steaks. The star of the menu is the 12-hour slow cooked, Jojo’s pastrami.

For simchas and other functions, Prime Grill has a catering company called Lev_Cuisine.

Prime Grill uses Beit Yosef meat, Kemach Yoshon, and is Pas Yisroel. It is kosher-certified by the ORB.

Prime Grill is located at 2958 NE 199th Street, Aventura, FL.

Thank you to @miamifoodyenta for images and info for this article.