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[GUIDE] Special Kosher Vacation Experience at Baha Mar Resort, Bahamas

Kosher options at Baha Mar

The reason I went to Baha Mar to begin with is specifically because of all of the kosher options they’ve added to the property in the last year. I’m not aware of any hotel or resort that has what Baha Bar has for the kosher traveler.

  • Kosher Restaurant – Cinkōthis Nikkei cuisine (hybrid Latin-Asian) kosher restaurant is the showpiece of the kosher options here. It’s a beautiful restaurant with delicious food, great service, a unique menu, and more. We ate at Cinkō on both Thursday and Friday nights and had different but excellent experiences. An extensive list of kosher wines is available at Cinkō (and also via room service by special request). Don’t skip over the dessert here, it is excellent. Click here for the kosher wine menu.

    All resort guests make reservations to dine at Cinkō, not only the visiting Jews, so advanced reservations are mandatory. The menu is big on fresh fish and veggies but also has meat options as well. Learn more about Cinkō here, including the menu. The restaurant is only open for dinner at this time. You can find 2 entrances to Cinkō: one from the main lobby, near the Grand Hyatt west reception desk with steps leading down, and also on the lower level near the fountains.

    View each dish of our delicious Cinkō meal on Instagram
To-go kosher meals at Cafe Madeline
  • Kosher Breakfast, Snacks, and Light Meals – Cafe Madeline – this cafe is open during breakfast and lunch hours, but it is best known for carrying kosher pareve, Pas Yisroel bagels and prepared to-go kosher meals in the fridge, made daily. Bagels purchased come with a choice of cream cheese (non-CY), butter (non-CY), or fruit jams (a few kosher options). Prepared kosher to-go meals include bagel with CY cream cheese, salads with seared tuna, grilled chicken salad, Bagel & Egg sandwiches, cut up fruit platters, and more. Additionally, kosher diners can find other kosher-certified items such as yogurt, chips, cereal, pretzels, and more. These kosher to-go meals can be ordered to your room as room service, or to your pool chairs or cabana. Cafe Madeline is located on the west side of the property in the lobby. Click here for the Cafe Madeline kosher menu and in-room dining menu.

    Cafe Madeline is also the place to pick up preordered Shabbat boxed lunches. (Read more) Each boxed lunch included a challah roll, grape juice, a pile of deli meats, tub of hummus, salad, raw/seared fish, and a dessert. It was quite filling.
KNOSH kosher food truck
  • Kosher Food Truck – KNOSH between the beach and the pools you’ll find the new kosher dairy food truck, which is Cholov Yisroel. The truck is mostly open during lunch times daily except Shabbat & chagim. The food truck offers fish dishes, dairy options, and healthy bowls. Because its offering is unique amongst the other food offerings on the property, non-kosher guests do line up for the good food being prepared by Knosh. Learn more about KNOSH here, including the menu.
  • Ice Cream – Scoops and Sugar Factory – both the Scoops and Sugar Factory shops carry kosher-certified ice cream and packaged ice cream bars. The scooped ice cream tubs were all kosher certified by the ORB in both shops, however, guests can easily ask the shopkeepers to verify and see the tub labels before ordering. Scoops is located towards the end of the promenade near the marina and beach. Sugar Factory is located on the lower level near the water fountains and also inside Baha Bay.
  • Additional kosher finds at Baha Mar – in exploring the property, there were a few other kosher options we encountered:
    • The Reserve’s VIP lounge for guests staying at The Reserve Grand Hyatt, they offer a number of free food items throughout the day, including fruit. Most of the other food was not kosher, but the fruit was not an issue.
    • Island Essentials Bayside, inside Baha Bay – this shop sells souvenirs, and clothing, but also a full wall of kosher-certified snacks and drinks.

      Expect more kosher options inside Baha Bay in the near future.

Kashrut Note: All food at Cinkō, the bagels and to-go meals at Cafe Madeline (and the same meals via room or pool service), and all food at KNOSH is kosher certified by the Chabad of the Bahamas, with multiple mashgichim on site.

For all kosher questions and Cinkō reservations, email

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