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New Kosher 24/7 McDonald’s at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

A kosher McDonald’s has opened in Terminal 3 at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport (TLV). The fast food branch will be open 24/7, including Shabbat. There is another kosher McDonald’s at TLV in Terminal 1 that is not open 24/7.

Kosher Big Mac meal in Israel

JPost describes the situation, allowing this branch to stay open on Shabbat and alleviating concerns:

The development represents one of the first times that the Chief Rabbinate, through its national supervision division, has given approval for its kashrut supervision in a restaurant that is open on Shabbat.

The McDonald’s branch is now operational, and works on the basis of a kosher hotel, so that the food is cooked before Shabbat and reheated in an oven, and the staff operating the restaurant is not Jewish.

Burgers on the menu include Double Mac Royal, Mac Royal Mexican, Mac Royal spicy, Mega Big America, Big America Classic, Double Mac Royal Mexican, Double Mac Royal spicy, Double Big Mac, Big Mac, Big Europe Classic, Big Vegan, Double Big Vegan, and others.

Kiosks to order your Big Mac, or anything else

Additional items include chicken steak, Mega chicken steak, mini crispy chicken, crispy chicken, mega crispy chicken, spicy corn tortilla, Mac fish royal, green salad with nuggets, chopped salad with chicken steak, and more.

McDonald’s at Ben Gurion Airport is kosher certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

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