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List of Kosher McDonald’s in Israel

Kosher McDonald's in Israel (Rechovot Mall)
Kosher McDonald’s in Israel (Rechovot Mall)

It’s a common misconception that all the McDonald’s restaurants in Israel are Kosher, and that when you are in Israel you can pass by any Mickey D’s and have a guilt-free “cheeseburger” off the Dollar Menu.

This is untrue (for many reasons — what Dollar Menu?!), but luckily there are nearly 50 Kosher McDonald’s spread throughout Israel, certified Kosher by their local Rabbanuts, to satisfy the American kids in all of us who have been lusting after those Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs (known in Israel under a different name) since before we could remember. (Don’t pretend you never wanted a Happy Meal!)

[Israel isn’t the only country with Kosher McDonald’s. Click here to find out where else it exists.]

Below is a list of the cities in Israel featuring Kosher McDonald’s (some have multiple). “B’Teyavon,” or should we say–“I’m lovin’ it.” (See the map below for full location info)

  • Ashdod (2)
  • Ashkelon
  • Be’er Sheva (3)
  • Be’er Yaakov (Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center)
  • Bet She’an (Kinyon Binyamin)
  • Bet Shemesh (Big Center 1)
  • Chadera
  • Dimona
  • Gedera
  • Givat Shmuel
  • Haifa (University of Haifa, Kinyon Lev HaMifratz)
  • Hod HaSharon
  • Jerusalem (Tachana Merkazit, Beit HaKerem, Malcha Mall)
  • Kfar Saba (Meir Medical Center)
  • Kiryat Ata
  • Kiryat Gat
  • Kiryat Shmona
  • Mevaseret Tzion (Kinyon Harel)
  • Modi’in
  • Or Yehuda
  • Petach Tikva (4)
  • Ra’anana (Kinyon Rananim)
  • Ramat Aviv
  • Ramat Gan
  • Ramla
  • Rechovot (Mall)
  • Rishon L’Tzion (3)
  • Rosh Ha’Ayin
  • Shoham
  • Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University)
  • Tel Hanan
  • Tel HaShomer
  • Tel Mond
  • Tiberias / Tiveria (2)

To view the original Hebrew list with exact addresses, click here.


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  • Maybe so, but we should boycott them…Why? 1) They have a policy of not hiring Jewish workers and hiring almost exclusively arabs (an acquaintance’s daughter, wearing a long skirt and sleeves was told by them on an interview that she was not what they were looking for –not in such polite terms–and she would be better off looking for a job in a place like Efrat), 2) The people who detonated a bomb in a bus in Tel Aviv over a year ago and were later caught before they could plant an explosive device at the mall in Modi’in, had a connection to the mcd’s at the mall in Modi’in. 3) The mcd’s in Israel refuses to open a branch in Ariel…so, I propose boycotting their restaurants in Israel, no matter how good their shakes, fries and apple pies may taste, some things are more important…and tell all your friends / relatives not to eat there…let’s see if we can get them to go Chapter 11 someday…and if you want fast food, go to Burger Ranch (and their schnitzel on a bun tastes better anyway).

    • Not going to argue your points about boycotting. I dont know enough about their business practices to say one way or the other. My only comment here is that Burger Ranch’s food is quite awful. I want Burger King back!

      • Dani, Granted Burger Ranch’s pareve shakes are not so good, to be euphemistic here…I don’t eat beef anyway, but Burger Ranch’s schnitzel does taste better than McD’s, and they have chicken hot dogs, which McD’s does not have…McD’s fries are better…and you can’t beat a McD’s apple pie and their dairy ice cream…but alas my reason for being against McD’s in Israel is purely political, and I am more than willing to do without their products because of the aforementioned reasons I have stated, and I wish that they will go bankrupt in Israel, and the sooner the better…as for Burger King, don’t know why they didn’t survive here in Israel, but as I recall, their schnitzel was decent as were their fries, and they did have a nice apple pie too…but I know of Burger King franchises in the States that closed too…too bad…and in my pre-Kosher days (like 17 + years ago), I used to like Wendy’s…hey, if McD’s can have Kosher franchises, so can they, but their venture here in Israel (over 20 something years ago) was a bleak failure…and while I’m in the midst of this, whatever happened to the Kosher KFC franchises here? We need Chicken Delight or Popeye’s to open a Kosher outlet here, or even Arby’s…boy did I love their potato cakes and “Horsey Sauce” (a mayo and horseradish mixture that was out of this World on the potato cakes…)…Bon appetit .